From Excellence and Outstanding | First Phase Xinghang (Literally Star Navigation) Program – Foreman Ability Upgrading Training Camp Officially Launched



The training was launched on 11 May to strengthen the "last mile" of Lishen Battery’s management and marketing for high quality, high efficiency and standardization, specify foremen’s management and behavior and uplift site management systematically.

In the kickoff meeting, all trainees were instructed to: a) treat themselves as empty glasses, thirsty for knowledge and skill but with strict attitude and discipline, challenge themselves, uplifting their ability and rather substantial improvement in leadership; b) focus on key management and efficiency, upgrading their soft skill in team execution, stimulation and highly efficient communication; c) review, summarize and transform what is learnt in training, adopt study to promote application, combine the two and significantly improve the front line work of their respective profession.

The classes like "Foremen Safety Management", "Steps of AM Pillar Application for Foremen" and "Foremen Education and Training Pillar" were given in the launch. All trainees actively participated into these classes in interactive manner, a scene of good learning.

It was learnt that the Xinghang Program is modeled for foremen competence and classes are designed for the purpose. Resources are combined internally and externally for shared empowerment. Internal potential lecturers are organized for the class preparation. Battle like simulated drill and interactive study are applied in practical application and output action classes to enhance foremen management awareness and skill for high quality development of the company.

The Xinghang Program will be conducted in three phase this year. 65 Foremen will attend the training camp.