R&D capability

Build "Technology Source" of lithium battery sector, strive to be heading "industrial chain" of the sector
R&D Concept
Build "Technology Source" of Li-ion battery sector, strive to be heading "industrial chain" of the sector
Products are designed specific to customers, manufacture and cost while benchmarking internationally first class companies and customer's requirement. Lishen Battery provides customers total power solution.
The World First-Class
Continuously devote itself to high quality development of the sector and high level sci-tech independence.
The Flag of New Energy Sectors
Play new energy sci-tech innovation platform role, stimulate innovation "fission".
Important Power in National New Energy Strategy
Undertake distribution of national strategic emerging industries in new energy and new energy vehicles, especially in energy storage, power batteries and basic materials.
R&D Strength
Lishen Battery has, after nearly 26 years development, established industry-leading R&D system and availed competitive innovation capacity. It has drafted 10 national battery industry standards in total, owns national, provincial and ministerial R&D innovation platforms and made many technology achievements.
R&D projects
Undertake over 50 national and provincial projects in total
Second prize of National Technical Invention, 1 award
Second prize of National Sci-Tech Progress, 1 award;
Provincial and ministerial level first prize, 6 awards, second prize, 6 awards
Sci-Tech achievement
The transformation of sci-tech achievement exceeds RMB10 billion
Intellectual property
more than 3,600 patents applied;
More than 2,500 authorized patents in total
R&D input
accumulation of rich experience in R&D industrialization;
Accumulated R&D input is over RMB 2 billion
Technological R&D
Super quick charge technology
High specific energy technology
Charge more conveniently
80% charged in 12 minutes

Functional electrolyte

Customized graphite

Gradient electrode technology

Super-electronic network

Sustain longer endurance
360Wh/kg Energy density 360Wh/kg

Ultra high nickel grading technology

Silicon cathode technology

Solid-state battery technology

Pre-lithiation technology

Full System Battery Technology
Safety technology
Safety technology
All levels full service life smart safeguard technology: materials, cell, module and system
Process engineering technology
Process engineering technology
All-round engineering and development capacity: process technique, equipment efficacy, construction and power uplift
Simulation technology
Simulation technology
Multi-level simulation: materials, electro-chemistry, power, heat and system performance
Detection and analysis technique
Detection and analysis technique
Comprehensive analysis: material’s fine physical property apparent characteristics analysis, cell reverse analysis, failure tracing analysis; full battery service life testing, verification and assessment technique
Product technology
Product technology
Full series new energy automobile, energy storage, vessel product development capacity
Material technology
Material technology
Independent R&D technology of full-system battery: lithium-iron phosphate battery, lithium manganese iron phosphate battery, sodium-ion battery, battery with nickel of different content, manganese-rich lithium battery and cobalt-free battery