Social responsibility

Practice the responsibility and undertaking of "national team" in new energy sector of central government owned enterprises
Social Responsibility Concept
Green and Environmentally Friendly
Energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, no waste
Lishen Battery consciously practices green and environmental protection concept, stresses environmental protection professional building. It strengthens education and training, improves the level of professionalism. It effectively fulfills social responsibilities, practices green manufacture and advocates the continuous upgrading of Lishen Battery’s national grade "Green Factory" in energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and waste-free production. It advances international carbon footprint certification, contributes to "double carbon" goal and lays the foundation of "lucid waters and lush mountains”.
Energy Development
Green energy benefits mankind
Lishen Battery, in the booming era of new energy lithium battery sector, courageously undertakes “national team” task of lithium-ion battery development, strives to shape the development trend of optimized management and reduction of operating cost of Lishen battery. It paves the development path of corporate benefit and social effect to the same direction.
Paired Assistance
Put people in first place, enhance undertaking
Lishen Battery seriously implements the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s decision-making and deployment on paired assistance by central government owned enterprises. It strengthens the Party's leadership, uplifts political position, fortifies responsibility and undertaking, upholds people-orientation concept, adheres to the principle of state-owned enterprises for the people, continuously puts itself in rural revitalization and seeks well-being for people. Following the assistance idea of "Industry Leading, coordinated Development and Making up Shortcoming", Lishen Battery intensifies and improves its models of assistance in all around and to full direction.
Volunteer Service
Devotion, love, mutual help, progress
Pledge to sustainable development: Lishen Battery continuously plays volunteer service spirit of "devotion, love, mutual assistance, progress", and fulfills its corporate civilian responsibility with many volunteer activities. It extensively carries out volunteer service activities such as environmental protection public welfare, epidemic relief, donation, respecting the elderly and helping the difficultly abled, building a warm society with friendly and nice action.

Pledge to sustainable development

In active response to sustainable development goal, Lishen Battery, while providing innovative products and services, integrates sustainable development management concept into business operation in all aspects, builds a sustainable development management system, adheres to the principle of ethical and compliant operation, and continuously intensifies communication among stakeholders, ensures sustainable development and serves customers and society in return.

Lishen HSE

Lishen Battery upholds the HSE management system guideline of "Green Energy, Health and Safety, Compliance with Regulations and Laws, Harmony with Nature". It constantly improves HSE management system in original management, process control, emergency rescue and accident investigation in compliance with laws, regulations, standards, specifications and customer's requirements in connection with occupational health, safety and environment protection, promoting safe production standardization and HSE in legalized, standard, specified and systematic manner. It adheres to original mission and undertakes the social responsibilities of a central government owned enterprise.

Employees and Rights

Lishen Battery has established labor related management system in accordance with SA8000 Standard, upholds human oriented value, respects and takes care of each and every employee and avails training and development opportunities for individuals. It provides fair and incentive pay and benefits, offers promotion opportunity based on individual talent. It adopts the policy of fair opportunity for every one. It maintains open and direct communication environment and atmosphere, enables employees to develop potential actively and to their utmost and encourages them to devote their wisdom and talent for the company.

Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to adopting and extensively advocating the policy of responsive procurement of minerals impacted by conflict and in highly risky area. We are in active in building mineral supply chain procurement environment in fair, open, transparent and responsible manner. These minerals include tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold, cobalt and mica. It develops relevant policies so that its products and service meet the requirements for sustainable development while suppliers are required to observe the same. Other stakeholders may provide feedback by scanning "Official Wechat QR Code" appears in Lishen official website when complaint arises in connection with responsible mineral management.