Lishen Battery “Tianjin Cui Shaohua Skill Master Studio” Commissioned



The studio of Lishen Battery was commissioned after successful inspection of Tianjin HR and Social Security Bureau.

A panel of experts inspected the infrastructure, management rules, finance, technical transformation and talent cultivation of the studio. The panel fully recognized the outstanding work of the studio including the participation in skill competition, innovation training, particularly technical breakthrough and the merit in technology innovation training. The panel advised more training in raising hi-tech talents, the leading role of the studio at municipal level and devotion to local economic development.

It was reported the studio was established in October 2022 with approval. The studio completed hardware and equipment installation after one and half year’s building, cultivated 13 skilled talents and 36 sci-tech innovative talents who won five provincial sci-tech awards and three skill awards in provincial class I/class II occupational skill competition and appeared in external technical communication many times.

In future, Lishen Battery, taking the change of studio building, will foster building, stimulate engineers’ enthusiasm, raise team ability and competitiveness, follow the spirit of artisans, move forward in promoting inheritance and innovation of skill and contribute to the cultivation of more excellent innovative and skilled talents.