Lishen Battery Announced New Generation High Power 1P Liquid Cooling Container



In continuation to the introduction of 40 10MWh LS-C10M liquid cooling container, LS-417K energy storage products for industrial and commercial use and LS-C20K HV household energy storage products in high energy storage sector in 12th Session of ESIE,

Lishen Battery released again the new generation 1P liquid cooling energy storage container and smart container products.

Rapid growth is seen in new type of energy storage sector with the development of the market in China. Lishen Battery, a “National Team”  in new energy industry, is missioned as a flagship among key state-owned enterprises. In line with higher energy density, safer and more serviceable design and manufacture guideline, material and system structure workmanship is optimized and innovated for extremely high core competitiveness in the market. Lishen Battery has developed many models that are GB/T36276,  UL9540A, UL1973, UL9540, NFPA855 and IEC certified.

In future
Lishen Battery will be deeply engaged in energy storage,
Strive for a leading firm in energy storage,
Devoting itself to vitality and power of China’s energy storage industry.