Lishen Battery's New Generation Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery Manufacture and R&D Base Commissioned



Launch a new march with accumulated momentum The commissioning of Lishen Battery's new generation cylindrical lithium ion battery manufacture and R&D base was held in Suzhou Lishen on the morning of 22 April. Zhang Ying, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Suzhou High-tech Zone, Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Lishen Battery, He Yeting, general manager of China Railway Construction (CRCC), Yang Liang, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management committee of Suzhou Sci-Tech City, Xue Lei, secretary of the Party branch and executive director of Suzhou Lishen, and Liu Yulu, general manager of Suzhou Lishen, attended the commissioning.

“The establishment of Suzhou Lishen’s new generation cylindrical lithium-ion battery R&D and manufacture base is an important step for Lishen Battery to expand production capacity and achieve high-quality sustainable development. Once put into designed capacity operation, the base will foster the company's comprehensive strength and market competitiveness, increase market share and job opportunities”, Zhang Qiang said. He added “the official commissioning of Suzhou phase II is a key step of the scheme. The project team is required to be fully motivated to maintain a high level of professionalism and preciseness, uphold safety and quality concept, promote the progress with strong motivation. Lishen Battery will keep up with the pace of the time with a broader vision, strengthen technological innovation and product R&D, build disruptive transformative forces and improve core competitiveness and productivity, improve core competitiveness and maintain Lishen Battery’s high-quality development in new energy industry.”

He Ye-Ting said “CRCC will take the commissioning of base as a new start, continue the spirit of railway construction power, plan ahead, refine construction, accelerate the rate of construction, uplift political stand, enhance mission responsibility, fully play professional advantages, build state of art project, strengthen organization and management, strive for quality performance, plan overall works and ensure high quality completion on schedule”.

Yang Liang said “ the new generation cylindrical lithium-ion battery R&D and manufacture base is important strategic step in Lishen Battery. Its commissioning will further empower the development of new energy industry in functional areas and even high-tech zones. The Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Suzhou Sci-Tech City always provide administrative service with quality innovative ecology, most complete industrial chain and comprehensive safeguard for project construction and enterprise development.

Construction of Lishen Battery's new generation of cylindrical lithium-ion battery R&D and manufacture base was commenced on November 17, 2023 and it was commissioned on 22 April 2024, lasting half a year. Suzhou Company project office, a subsidiary of Lishen Battery, actively organized the designer, contractor and the engineer who worked together with high standard, quality and efficiency. The milestones and target tasks were followed in maintaining the progress of the project.

Heads of relevant departments of Suzhou Sci-Tech City, relevant of CRCC and heads of Suzhou Lishen offices attended the commissioning.