2024 Q1 Power Sector Marketing Review Meeting and Strategic Retreat Held



2024 Q1 Power sector marketing review meeting and strategic retreat was held from 23 to 24 April. Tong Laiming, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Lishen Battery, and Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Lishen Battery, attended the meeting and made speech. Yang Chenglin, the deputy secretary of the Party committee and the general manager of Lishen (Qingdao) chaired the meeting.

Tong Laiming stressed the following: the first is to raise political stand, lay out the business in advance and put policies in place precisely. Reform and development, innovation and benefit should be highlighted in planning. The second is to push power sector subsidiaries to act positively and courageously, seek vitality in difficulty, survive and develop themselves. The third is to seize opportunity, accelerate the rate of implementation of power sector projects, promote R&D, construction and the process of commissioning and operation, ensure production capacity and load of new bases are uplifted. The fourth is foster management efficacy, uplift the ability to discover and solve problems, plan a sector and lead the whole through scientific management, effective incentives, quality, team work and coordination.

Zhang Qiang pointed out the following in his speech. The first is to find out our advantages and disadvantages by analyzing data, break down problems and risk points, decompose them step by step, focus on critical issues and put away minor issues, enhance prediction, lay out in advance and attend issues as early as possible. The second is that sci-tech R&D should highly match with market, align with sector requirements. Planning should be developed for full-industrial chain, marketing strategy and business distribution is efficiently dynamically adjusted. The third is to continue the unity, identification and feasibility of quality standard, intensify training, assessment and monitoring. Streamlined inspection should be followed. The fourth is to optimize the works scientifically and in proper order, promote, implement and align with the work as a whole, for different types and with care, reasonably distribute human resources, raise their initiatives, develop reserve plan, guarantee business consistency and sustain performance growth.

Yang Chenglin pointed out the following points in his speech. The first is to improve work behavior constantly, all work is planned and followed up with assessment and incentives. The second is to refine management, uplift the awareness of managers, build a robust strong and resilient team. The third is that managers should be courageous in making breakthrough, dare to manage, tell the truth and undertake responsibilities. The fourth is to follow up the actual effect, take the lead, raise the sense of tightness, responsibilities and solving problems.

Report was given to the following of power sector: Q1 marketing situation and Q2 predict, operation analysis and the summary of sales of vehicle-mountable products, energy storage product, industrial and commercial energy storage product, digital transformation, promotion and HR efficacy uplift strategy and development plan; marketing core competitiveness planning and building, vehicle-mountable product strategy, energy storage and commercial vehicle product strategy, material cost reduction strategy and promotion plan, quality uplift strategy and promotion plan; workmanship uplift strategy and promotion plan. The road map and target for future development was identified in the meeting.

The meeting was held “on line + off line”. Heads of power sector platform, head of departments, heads of Chuzhou Lishen, Qingdao Lishen, Wuxi Lishen, Wuxi Research Institute and Tianjin New Energy Company, backbones of marketing and R&D departments attended the meeting.