Lishen Battery Held Kick-off Meeting to Launch Education on the Prevention of Telecom Cyber Scam



The meeting was held in Lishen Battery on the prevention of telecom cyber scam. Yang Qingyuan, deputy director of the office of the Party Committee of Binhai High-Tech Zone, Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Haitai Police Station of Binhai Hi-Tech Zone, Zou Yufeng, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Lishen Battery, attended the meeting and made speeches.

Zhang Wei gave a publicity lecture titled "Features of New Cyber Fraud Trend and Key Points of Prevention”. The lecture is rigorous and intensive. True cases were studied and analyzed in detail. These cases revealed the seriousness and harm of new types of scam. Publicity and prevention strategies were recommended in the lecture.

Zou Yufeng stressed “cyber scam jeopardizes property safety and social credit system. We need united action to build safe, reliable work and living environment.” He added the following. First is to maintain a high degree of vigilance on scam, recognize its complexity, severity and long-term nature, handle it seriously; Second is to strengthen anti-fraud awareness, training and education, especially on new employees; Third is to enhance accountability, establish a regular anti-scam mechanism, refine measures and assign special personnel, ensure anti-fraud in proper order and achieve the goal of "fraud free enterprise".

"Lishen Battery’s Work Plan to Prevent Cyber Scam” was announced in the meeting. All offices of Lishen Battery were advocated to remain on high alert to fraud, put various preventive measures in place according to the Work Plan, ensure concrete achievement in scam prevention.

Heads of all departments of Lishen Battery HQ; heads of Lishen (Qingdao) and consumer platforms; safety officers of Tianjin Juyuan and Lishen New Energy, heads of production lines and backbones, totally more than 90 people, attended the meeting.