Leading with Innovation, New March of Quality Production | Lishen Battery Appeared in 12th Session of Energy Storage Summit and Expo



Lishen Battery, being a central government regulated enterprise, is building a flagship among central government regulated firms in active response to national policies for new energy industry. Since energy storage business was launched in 2010, Lishen Battery products covers power generators, grid, end users. The systems include container energy storage system, industrial and commercial container energy storage system and household energy storage system. Forging ahead 27 years, Lishen Battery has become a leading firm combining battery cell/system R&D, manufacture, investment and operation, EPC O&M, covering complete energy storage industrial chain. Lishen Energy Storage not only accumulated rich sector experience, but also continuously boosted up technological innovation and industrial upgrading, the important contribution to global green energy transformation.

In terms of power storage, Lishen exhibited 5MWH 20’ fluid-cooled container. 1725kWh/3340kWh1725kWh/3340kWh integrated fluid-cooled container and 3.44MWH 20’ air-cooled container in the Expo.Independent design is applied completely for the products of the series, ranging from battery cell, battery module, battery cluster and container integration. They are featured in low cost, high safety, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics.Standard module applied in design enables rapid integration, reduces delivery cycle, allows the integration to flexibly adapt to different application scenarios of energy storage in power generation, transmission and distribution and users; The product can be transported as a whole and its installation and O&M is convenient.

In terms of industrial and commercial energy storage, Lishen Battery’s 100kW/261kWh integrated cabinet and 200kW/417kWh integrated cabinet were on the show.They are many options for individual power of Lishen industrial and commercial energy storage integrated cabinet, 215kWh, 232kWh, 261kWh, 417kWh.Several cabinets can be parallel-connected to meet overall power demand of user.Two options of unit rated power are available, 100kW and 215kW, AC output 380V and 690V are available. The product can be directly grid connected and applied.Always upholding the design concept of ALL IN ONE, Lishen Battery designs the product integrating battery module, high voltage control unit, fluid cooling system, converter and fire protection system.Advanced BMS management combining intelligent fluid cooling system controls the maximum temperature difference of battery within 3 ° C, fully playing best performance of the battery system.In terms of safety, multi-level electrical fusing design is adopted for three-level fusing mechanism, that is, battery module circuit DC fusing, battery cluster circuit DC fusing and PCS AC circuit fusing, to minimizing potential hazard as result of electric short-circuit fault, through stepped fusing.The overall system efficiency is greater than 88%, EMS is built-in, a variety of operation strategies available to meet the needs of various scenarios, and equipped with aerosol + automatic detection safety fire system, explosion-proof anti-condensation design, all together help industrial and commercial users adapt to power peak and valley, contribution to national goal of energy conservation, emission reduction and green energy transformation.

In terms of household energy storage, Lishen Battery exhibited 20kWh high-voltage stacked series products and 14kWh low-voltage household series products.Modern simple appearance design is adopted for HV stacked household energy storage products with living aesthetics concept.Modular design is applied in the product. The rated power of a single battery module is 5kWh, supporting the flexible expansion of 2-6 battery modules. The power range is 10-30kWh, suitable for different sizes of photovoltaic systems.It is light in weight so two persons are required only to move it. Plug and play design supports blind plugging and wireless connection.It has efficient circulation control and intelligent balanced management features to ensure stable operation of the system. The built-in full-temperature thermal management system guarantees the battery always runs within comfortable temperature range.Real-time security monitoring is incorporated with three levels of active security policy.Built-in fire extinguishing device guarantees extreme safety.

Lithium iron phosphate square battery cell, Lishen Battery’s mature product special for energy storage, used in low-voltage household storage products, is developed for miniatured distributed energy storage market at home and abroad. The product meets the application needs of special scenarios, extremely simple designed for simplified operation and maintenance. Its movement is convenient when universal wheels are installed at bottom.Technical mature and stable LV system BMS is mounted for safer and more reliable operation.It is preferably used as backup power, mobile power, RV power. It is suitable for application scenarios of integrated optical storage energy storage system, portable household energy storage power, industrial and commercial industrial power in peak and valley supply.The 14kWH high power meets the electricity demand of rural families for heating in winter and cooling in summer.The product mitigates transformer load limit and improves clean energy penetration rate while helping access to and consumption of new energy and reducing cost of energy.The study on household energy storage innovative commercial mode should be fostered, application scenarios explored and rural energy revolution and rural revitalization boosted up.

On the afternoon of April 11, the new product release conference with the theme of "Lishen Superior storage to boost disruptive productive forces" was held at Lishen Battery booth.Lishen Battery released three new models of products: LS-C10M, a 40ft 10MWh fluid-cooled container for large-scale energy storage, LS-C417K, an industrial and commercial integrated cabinet energy storage product, and LS-C20K, a high-voltage product for domestic energy storage.

Leading with innovation for new march of quality production, Lishen Battery, having been intensively engaged in energy storage over a decade constantly promotes the innovation and development of energy storage technology.Lishen Battery always fulfills its commitment and wins its honor with effect and honesty. In the future, Lishen Battery will continue to undertake its social responsibility actively, commit to the development of green energy, positively respond to the call for the national green development, and contribute to the building of a clean, low-carbon and efficient energy system.