2024 Q1 Consumer Sector Marketing Review Meeting and Strategic Retreat Held



2024 Q1 consumer sector marketing review meeting and strategic retreat was held from 12 to 13 April.Tong Laiming, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Lishen Battery, and Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Lishen Battery, attended the meeting and made speech.Mao Dawei, assistant to the president of Lishen Battery and executive director of Tianjin Juyuan chaired the meeting.

Tong Laiming stressed that the business analysis and strategic retreat disclosed the shortcomings in current consumer sector and identified current difficulties and challenges we are facing.In future business development, we should take the initiative to adapt to market changes and pursue breakthroughs.He said, the first is to increase market development efforts, accelerate the respond to clients, be problem-oriented, change the current passive business situation; the second is to strengthen R&D management and optimize incentive mechanism; the third is to line up the understanding of managers at all levels, confront problems and gaps, improve the efficiency of internal and external cooperation; the fourth is to hold confidence and work hard to complete the tasks of improving quality and efficiency with the spirit of driving nails, and contribute more to the completion of annual target tasks.

Zhang Qiang pointed out that the problems exposed from consumer sector in first quarter should be addressed, be problem oriented, enhance marketing and ensure all measures are put in place.He added that, the first is to uphold “Going abroad” strategy and expand overseas market. The second is to focus on main products and potential customers, continue scientific and technological innovation and engineering capacity building, and establish their own "stronghold”.Finally, enhance work conduct building, put ourselves into work with firm determination, perseverance and courage for high quality development of consumer sector.

Mao Dawei said, all members in consumer sector should maintain high degree of unity in thought and a realistic working attitude, take stable growth as core goal, take high-quality development as primary task, hold their responsibilities and missions and seize market opportunities.In the short term, introduce new projects, resolutely follow market-oriented pricing strategy, and constantly optimize internal costs.In the medium and long term, be quality oriented, and constantly improve product quality; comb core customers and products, strive to provide more high-quality and best-selling products, and further expand high-end market.

At the meeting, the consumer sector, Suzhou Lishen, Tianjin Juyuan respectively reported Q1 business and had special section of discussion on governance structure of consumer sector, product strategy, marketing planning, project management and scientific research management and R&D quality, identifying the ideas and goals for the company’s development.

The meeting was held by means of “on-line and off-line”. Heads of Lishen Battery, heads of relevant departments, members of consumer platform business management committee, heads of Tianjin Juyuan and Lishen (Suzhou) and backbone members attended the meeting.