Lishen Battery Held Power Battery Sector 2024 Q2 Marketing Meeting



Lishen Battery held 2024 Q2 marketing meeting on 06 April. Yang Chenglin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, Ding Zhaoshi, member of Party committee and deputy general manager, Ye Mao, chief engineer and Wang Guichao, deputy chief engineer of Lishen (Qingdao), attended the meeting. Liu Zhengrong, assistant to general manager and director of marketing center of Lishen (Qingdao), chaired the meeting.

Yang Chenglin pointed out the following in his speech: the first is that the marketing team should comb organization structure, upgrade management level, enhance staff-post match and sincerity to jobs. The second is that, the marketing team should be aware of market competition and standard alignment, have a sense of urgency and crisis, be good at the use of sales tools like sale funnel and opportunity list, find out gap after in-depth analysis, learn market trend, have insight into market opportunities, plan in advance, develop tactics, highlight result orientation and seize market opportunities. The third is that marketing personnel should comprehensively improve their analytical ability, review and summarization. Yang Chenglin added that our own advantages should be turned into market advantages, well apply incentive mechanisms, control costs and foster innovation ability and behavior control.

In the meeting, Liu Zhengrong reported on overall work planning of the marketing center in Q1 and Q2 work planning. He then pointed out three points: the first is that each marketing sector should refine work task into annual goal, monthly goal and weekly goal, subdivide task according to the product line and category, decompose the overall work into qualitative indicators and into months. The second is to adopt flatten management, improve decision-making efficiency, strengthen process management, keep close eye on progress, always have a sense of urgency and crisis, and combine knowledge and action into one. The third is to pay attention to the improvement of personal ability, team ability, the transformation of new thinking and new models into productivity, truly train a team of marketing personnel who dare to think, do and make breakthrough, build team power and honor.

Subsequently, heads of vehicle mountable equipment, energy storage sectors, after sale service, sale management and market offices reported their work one by one.

All members of Lishen (Qingdao) Market Operation and marketing center, heads of Lishen (Qingdao) operation management, R & D technology center, supply chain management, process engineering, project management, offices attended the meeting.