Build Harmonious Employment Relationship with Compliant Employment Awareness | Lishen Battery Held "Labor Dispute Risk Prevention and Control" Training



On the afternoon of April 2, Lishen Battery held a special training on "Labor Dispute and Risk Control", This training aimed at deepening the understanding on and application of laws and regulations related to labor disputes within the company, enhancing the ability to prevent and resolve labor disputes, raising the awareness of compliance, building harmonious and stable labor relations, and finally safeguarding the steady development of the firm.

The training is centered around employment risks under current labor legal environment, analyzing in-depth potential legal risks that may be confronted from the points of rules and regulations, probation management, wage management, performance assessment management, discipline management and others. It will help in comprehensive and systematic prevention and control strategies and practical cases. The training lecturer held the class with reference to many years of rich work experience and case study. Attendees had intensive understanding in identification, assessment and prevention of labor risks after having interactive questions and answers courses and, discussion in the training.

As part of the requirement in the training, managers should fully understand the importance of labor dispute control under current complicated environment, apply what was learned into daily management, be alert on possible labor dispute risks, take care of detail, employ labor in specified manner and reduce employment risks. Participants said that they would apply their knowledge to practical work, improve labor management level and assist the company to build harmonious employment environment.

The training was conduct in host venue and base venue by virtual means simultaneously. More than 100 people including those from headquarters, consumer sectors and power sectors as well as heads of branches and subsidiaries participated in the training.