Build New Model combining Manufacture and Financing, Share New Opportunities in Energy Storage Sector | 12MW/24MWh Energy Storage Station Commissioning Ceremony and Lishen Battery User Side Energy Storage Promotion Held Successfully



The ceremony and promotion conference jointly sponsored by Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lishen Battery"), Chengtong Financing & Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengtong Leasing") and Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongta Renheng") were successfully held on 19 April in Zhuhai.

Tong Laiming, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of China Chengtong, secretary of the Party committee and president of Lishen Battery, Huang Wensheng, deputy mayor of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, and Yang Chenglin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Lishen (Qingdao) attended the event and delivered speeches.

Xia Chenchen, member of the Standing Committee of Quanjiao County Party Committee, director of United Front and deputy secretary of the county CPPCC; Zhang Bin, chairman of the board of China Chengtong Hong Kong Limited; Tang Zhongliang, member of the Party Committee and chief accountant of China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd.; Dai Zhiyao, executive director of SDIC Chuangfeng Investment Management Co., Ltd.; Tang Jurong, executive director of  Chinlink International Holdings Limited.; Shi Shihong, deputy general manager of  China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC) Guangdong Electric Power Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Li Fei, general manager of Guangdong Guanhao Hi-tech Co., Ltd., Qi Hang, deputy general manager of Chengtong Financing & Leasing Co., Ltd., a total of 81 business representatives, attended the conference.

# Address by Heads

Tong Liming said in his speech that China Chengtong has been always serving the national strategy and is committed to the formation of disruptive productive forces, the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

In course of promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, industrial and commercial energy storage power stations, a key link in new energy system, play a vital role, not only to balance power grid load, improve energy efficiency, but also to promote green energy transformation.

The commissioning of this project is a successful practice of the new model of combining industry and financing. It reflects the firm actions of Lishen Battery, Chengtong Leasing and Guangdong Institute of CEEC Group in joint respond to the nation’s “double carbon" development goal and commitment to high-quality development of clean energy.

In the future, the new model will inject new vitality into the energy storage industry and effectively promote the in-depth implementation of the national "dual carbon" strategy.

Lishen Battery will continue to play its core competitiveness in energy storage sector, provide strong technical support and solution for enterprises to save energy and reduce emission as well as to achieve green development, jointly optimize energy structure, and significantly reduce the participation threshold of enterprises and users by applying innovative financial service tools like financing and leasing so that more market players are able to enjoy the economic and environmental benefits brought by energy storage technology, and contribute to carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, Tong Laiming added.

Huang Wensheng said in his speech that Lishen Battery, Chengtong Leasing and Hongta Renheng,, those high-quality key enterprises under China Chengtong, made brilliant accomplishment in battery energy storage, financial leasing, paper making and packaging sectors.

Energy storage stations, a key link in new energy system, is of great significance to balance grid load, improve energy utilization efficiency and green energy transformation.

This project not only demonstrates the strength of these stations in new energy sector, but also provides a valuable example of jointly promoting the vigorous business development through technological innovation and resource integration.

It is hoped that once it is put into operation, the energy storage station play a positive role in improving energy utilization efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

In his speech, Yang Chenglin observed the strong development momentum of industrial and commercial energy storage in the country, the high market potential and increased demand. Lishen Battery, a national team in new energy sector, continues to develop the technical advantages, capital advantages and large storage scene application advantages of battery sector for years. It is accelerating the business distribution in domestic industrial and commercial energy storage through innovation of technology, products and business models. It also actively undertakes social responsibilities, explore corporate management transformation, and undertake the important task of the SASAC on the deployment of central government regulated enterprises in emerging industries.

It focuses on innovation in technology, product, and business models, accelerates its business distribution in energy storage sector, actively undertake social responsibilities and explores cooperation business transformation.

In the future, Lishen Battery will align itself to the four core requirements of high safety, long life, high energy efficiency and low cost, match it with market demand, actively expand application scenarios, continue to optimize product system, and commit to rapid iteration in technology, and pursue excellent product performance and high-quality user experience.

# Completion Ceremony

At the scene, Tong Laiming, Huang Wensheng, Zhang Bin, Shi Shihong, Yang Chenglin and Li Fei cut the ribbon in inauguration of 12MW/24MWh energy storage power station.

Liang Lu and Shi Shihong introduced the project in detail.

The energy storage system of this project comprises 4 energy storage units. Lithium iron phosphate battery is used and installed in outdoor prefabricated cabin. The battery system is boosted to 6kV by PCS and local step-up transformer before incorporated into 6kV distribution device expanded with super size in the plant.

This set energy storage system has a high level of intelligence which collects energy storage power station data all round, uploads it to the cloud and monitors the power load of the plant in real time.

Charge/discharge twice a day is adopted in Hongta Energy Storage Station which can reduce operation cost by RMB100 million in service period.

# Signing Ceremony

Lichen Battery and Chengtong Leasing signed cooperation agreements with Hangzhou Songdu Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., MCC Paper Galaxy Co., Ltd., Hunan Tai Green Paper Group Co., Ltd and Hunan Juntai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Respectively. The total power under these agreements is over 200MWh.

The parties agreed to fully play the advantages of internal synergy in market based cooperation, gather development forces, actively build an ecosystem of connecting enterprises, empower each other and grow in coordination.

Lishen Battery also exhibited industrial and commercial energy storage integrated cabinet, 52S1P fluid-cooled standard box and 48S1P air-cooled standard box.

# Key Note Speech

Chen Wenyi, deputy director of industrial and commercial energy storage, Lishen (Qingdao) New Energy Co., Ltd. made a report on commercial models of energy storage. It was pointed in the report that, Lishen (Qingdao), an emerging firm incubated by China Chengtong, has been deeply cultivating energy storage over a decade. It has strong technical and operational advantages in industrial and commercial energy storage containers, industrial and commercial energy storage integrated cabinets, ultra-long and large-capacity battery. It helps users achieve full management of energy, reduces carbon emission, reduce pollution, expand green and grow, and strive to build a flagship in new energy sector.

Liang Lu, deputy general manager of Chengtong Financing and Leasing Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote report on "integrated development of leasing and energy storage". She highlighted Chengtong Leasing and business planning in energy storage industry. She added that, Chengtong Financing and Leasing Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Chengtong Hong Kong, is part of financing sector of Chengtong Financing and Leasing Co., Ltd.

Hongta Project is a demonstration energy storage asset operation project of Chengtong Leasing that reflects the characteristics of production and financing combination and it is also the first time to practice the one-stop full-cycle coverage model of "investment - construction - O&M in energy storage sector.

She expressed her hope for more cooperation with different parties and promote more quality projects, gather the joint strength for better future.

“Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations". Lishen Battery advocates the joint work from upstream to downstream business, spares no effort for green future, practice the skill in industrial revolution, sustain vitality in “Stability” and “progress, promote disruptive productive forces and develop high quality dynamics and advantage.