Tong Laiming met Zeng Xiangzhan and A Delegation of CRM



Tong Laiming, secretary of the Party committee and managing director of Lishen Battery, met Zeng Xiangzhan, secretary of the Board of Directors of China Logistics, and a delegation led by Zhao Xiaohong, secretary of the Party committee and managing of China Railway Materials (CRM), Fan Wenmeng, legal representative of China Merchants Securities Beijing Branch, Qi Hang and Liang Lu, deputy general managers of Chengtong Leasing, at Chuzhou Lishen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“Chuzhou Lishen”). Huang Hui, assistant to the general manager of Lishen Battery, and Liu Zhengrong, assistant to the general manager and general manager of the Marketing Center of Lishen (Qingdao), attended the meeting.

Tong Laiming extended warm welcome to Zeng Xiangzhan, Zhao Xiaohong and the delegation. He introduced in detail the overall planning, construction and operation ideas of Chuzhou Lishen project. He said that Lishen Battery would accurately align itself to the good examples, find gap, learn from world-class companies, and accelerate the pace of building itself a world-class company.

Zeng Xiangzhan said that he will take the inspection as an opportunity to fully play the team professional advantages, explore a broader space for cooperation, creating good situation of mutual promotion and progress.

At the meeting, the two parties had in-depth exchanges and discussions on new energy lithium battery industry development. They jointly viewed lithium battery industry prospect and analyzed market dynamics, risk management and related technological development trend of lithium battery sector.

The delegation visited Chuzhou Lishen exhibition and cell works. A presentation was made to the delegation for history, development, industrial distribution and strategic planning of China Chengtong and Lishen Battery.

Heads of China Logistics, China Railway Materials, China Merchants Securities, Industrial Group and Chengtong Leasing and relevant heads of Lishen Battery power sector attended the meeting.