Wang Zidong Visited Wuxi Lishen



Recently, Wang Zidong, China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Electric Vehicle (CAEV) and external director of Lishen Battery inspected Wuxi Lishen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ("Lishen Chuzhou") project team and attended an exchange meeting. Heads of Wuxi Lishen management and heads of offices attended the meeting.

During the visit, Wang Zidong inspected project site of Wuxi Lishen new energy industry base and new energy research institute and had in-depth exchanges on all aspects of the site.

In the meeting, Wang Zidong listened to the reports on the progress of Wuxi Lishen new energy industrial base Phase I and Wuxi Lishen New Energy Research Institute project. He then put forward his advice and requirements on the progress and planning of the institute R&D capacity.

“Wuxi Lishen, a key step of Lishen Battery's national production capacity strategic layout, should lay a solid foundation to build Lishen Battery a new energy industry flagship among central government regulated enterprises. Wuxi Lishen should position itself clearly, strengthen its mission, focus on business, align itself with benchmark firms, enhance market logic and fully play the mainstream role of Lishen Battery in new energy battery sector,” he pointed out.

Wang Zidong raised four requirements: “First, objectively analyze the advantages and shortcomings of each process section and process technology, comprehensively examine every step of technological process design, maintain coordination between each process section and process, a strong support for optimizing process flow and improving production; second, be aware of the situation of power battery market, fully refer to experience of excellent projects, intensively study them and find gaps, be oriented by ultimate goal, anchor original project objective, improve soft power and choose appropriate path and development direction; third, stimulate innovation awareness, get out of traditional concepts and thinking habits, align itself with benchmark firms, promote Wuxi Lishen’s continuous innovation and sustainable development; fourth, establish digital management model to effectively connect itself with SAP, MES, FMCS, WCM informatization work which should be quantified and digitalized. Set out clear goals and indicators and record work data in detail; fifth, establish and improve a talent training mechanism, rationally explore, develop, cultivate and strengthen talents by developing an effective reserve talent training plan for key positions Echelon building, enhance team cohesion and safeguard sustainable development.