New Product! Lishen Battery released its newest super-capacitor!



Lishen Battery’s Tianjin Lishen Super-electric Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the research and manufacture of new super-capacitor unit and first ever hi-voltage module products.

Domestically leading structure design was adopted for highly stable products. Fully automatic production line was used throughout the assembly and production. The production line is highly automated and leading at home. MES system mounted in the production line enables full course monitoring and tracing for each process and each product, which effectively guarantees production quality and consistency.

The super-electricity R&D team, with robust technique, overcame difficulties at initial period: equipment was in shortage and assembly technological process parameters were uncertain. Members of the team persistently explored technological process, modified design and adjusted designed output. They successfully fabricated first ever new supercapacitor hi-voltage module series specimens, marking the release of new supercapacitor products. Subsequently, developers conducted highly accelerated service life tests on the module products and remote monitoring was open to customers. The test is expected to be completed in October 2023 and mounted on customer’s facility for verification in November 2023.

It is reported that the market for super-capacitor is promising when its demand in wind farm market is on rise gradually. The new super-capacitor developed by Lishen Super-electric has the advantages of simple manufacture process and relatively low cost. To further increase the share of Lishen product in wind power market and enhance profitability, Lishen Super-electric has completed the entry into national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises. In the future, it will fortify its distribution in wind power market, provide customers with better quality and more competitive supercapacitor products.