Main Works of Phase I Plant of Lishen Battery Wuxi Manufacture Base was completed



A ceremony was held on the morning 29 October for the completion of the main works of Phase I Plant of Lishen Battery Wuxi Manufacture Base. The completion marked the phased accomplishment of the scheme. Tong Laiming, member of the Party Committee and vice president of China Chengtong, secretary of the Party Committee and managing director of Lishen Battery attended the ceremony and addressed the gathering; Yang Chenglin, assistant to general manager of Lishen Battery, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Lishen (Qingdao); Ding Zhaoshi, member of the Party Committee, assistant to the president of Lishen Battery, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Lishen (Qingdao) and commander of Wuxi Manufacture Base Project Team; Bai Zhu, president, Wang Shuo, vice president, Han Jian, vice president and chief economist of Construction Group of China Communication Construction; and Li Yejun, mayor of Ehu Town, Xishan District Wuxi, attended the ceremony.

In his address, Tong Laiming expressed his gratitude to the project participants, heads and units who took care of and supported the project for long and appreciated the accomplishment of the project. He said that Lishen Battery, a "national team" in new energy industry, undertook important task assigned by SACSA to central government owned enterprises to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, and the completion of main works of Phase I Plant of great significance for full scale construction of the project. He instructed all members of the construction teams to make every effort for successful commercial operation of the project while improving mindset, ensuring quality and well scheduling the time for completion.

After the ceremony, representatives of Wuxi Manufacture Base and Lishen (Wuxi) New Energy Research Institute reported the project progress to Tong Laiming. He pointed out three requirements: the first to schedule overall progress, fortify management means, strictly follow milestone and focus on targets and tasks, enhance undertaking and ensure schedule commercial operation while maintaining safe construction and quality; the second is to strengthen grid and full cover management, guarantee lean work and effect, put in place safe construction responsibilities, galvanize safety management process and well build “hard core posts” of site safe construction; the third is to study forever. The project team should be aligned with and learn advance experiences and measures, expand perspective and innovate development mindset, introduce and incorporate, with learning attitude, all helpful views and experiences, accumulate them, constantly improve them and pursue excellency and push construction of Wuxi Manufacture Base at accelerated rate.

Heads of Lishen (Wuxi) project team and representatives of contractors participated in the activities.