Employee Care

Caring for Lishen employees

Comfort Employees on the Eve of Chinese Lunar New Year



On Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve February 9, Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Lishen Battery, assistants Yang Chenglin, Ding Zhaoshi and Wu Shaozhong led a team to comfort employees in Lishen Battery Phase V A, Warehouse, Phase VI, Works within ring road, Super Electric and power battery testing center, greeting them with good wishes and presented new year gifts.


The team headed by Zhang Qiang had warm conversation with those on duty in the holidays and he expressed his hope to encourage them to actively propose good advice for Lishen development and high quality growth.

Everywhere he visited, Zhang Qiang asked in detail about work safety and shifting, took care of them and highly praised them for their devotion to their duties. The union donated gifts them and conducted many on-line comfort activities. This is the warmth of Lishen Battery family those felt on duty during the spring festival.


The warm comfort extensively encouraged those on duty. They all expressed their willingness to work with full passion and devote their contribution to accomplish the objectives so set out.