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Gather Women’s Strength for New Chapter | Lishen Battery "08 March" International Women's Day Celebration



Lishen Battery union organized activities to mark the 114 anniversary of "08 March" International Women's Day. These activities showed the wonderful image of Lishen Battery female employees. The celebration enriched women’s cultural life and mobilized their strength for new Lishen Battery image and new contribution to the firm.

Respect and abide by laws, join hands, build dream

Lishen Battery conducted, on “Lishen Battery Party, Union and Youth League” platform, law learning and on-line quiz activities to encourage female employees to learn Trade Union Law, Civil Code, Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests, and Special Provisions on Labor Protection of Female Employees. The purpose of the activities was to protect legal rights and interests of the female workers and build good atmosphere in which law is respected, learned, observed and properly applied. Exquisite presents were distributed to female participants in expectation for their wisdom and strength.

“Relax Soul, Manage Emotion” mental health training was held on the afternoon 06 March. He Mei, a national Class II psychological consultant, lectured in the training.

The training focused on emotion management of female employees, helped them better cope with workplace challenges, improved their emotion management, enabling them to be calm and confident in their jobs.

Lishen Battery union cares not only female work and life but also their mental health, the strong support for female career growth and development.

Lishen Battery held "Sunshine Mentality · I am Happy” themed party, on the afternoon 08 March, in which Cao Wenjie, a national Class II psychological advisor, was invited to make keynote lecture. Teaching and entertainment was incorporated in the lecture, providing mental health service for female employees. The lecture was also centered around workplace mentality and interpersonal relation. The intent of the event was to protect female mental health.

Love the Party with contribution to the cause

At the noon 07 March, Lishen Battery female workers were organized under guidance to gather bunches of flowers. They chose flower branches, designed shapes, matched colors and trimmed them with care.

Female wisdom and ingenuity was integrated into bunches of delicate flow arrangement which also endowed beauty, blessing and female talent.

Dry curling competition to celebrate "08 March”

Lishen Battery organized dry land curling competition on the afternoon 07 March. In the event, female workers experienced the fun of curling and the excitement. Excellent teams would be recommended to attend dry land curling competition sponsored by Tianjin National Defense Industry Union.

In competition sponsored by higher level union, two teams of Lishen Battery performed well, one won first prize, another won third place.