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15th Day of Chinese Lunar January | Guess Lantern Riddles, Have Holiday, Unit Lishen, Develop Great Cause



Lishen held “Guess Lantern Riddles, Have Holiday, Unit Lishen, Develop Great Cause” themed Lantern Festival event on 3 February 2023. The move was to intensify festival atmosphere, enrich employees’ spiritual and cultural life and increase their cohesiveness.

At Lantern Festival venue, union staff and volunteers organized employees to guess lantern riddles together and jointly felt the festive atmosphere of Lantern Festival. Riddles were written vividly on the colored paper under lanterns, attracting active participation of employees. The scene was extraordinarily lively with strong festival atmosphere.

Lishen staff actively participated in Lantern riddle guessing in the gala, a joyous festival event. More than 80 riddles of diversified content appeared in the gala. A beautiful gift would be presented to successful guesser. Everyone carefully read riddles, actively thought about answers and communicated for right answers from time to time.

The "celebrate Lantern Festival, guess lantern riddles" gala demonstrated staff’s positive and challenging spirit, further enriched their amateur cultural life, stimulated and mobilized their enthusiasm and creativity, bringing joy to the festival celebration.