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Caring for Lishen employees

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Chapter I

Study 20th CPC National Congress Report Women in Action

Lishen Women's Heart to Party, Contribution to New Era In a move to further encourage Lishen staff to study the Party spirit of 20th National Congress and follow the Party forever, Lishen Party Committee, Union and Youth League held “Staff Study on the Party's 20th National Congress Spirit and Quiz”, “Study on Union Law”, “Study on Women Right Protection Law”, “Study on Special Provisions of Female Employees Labor Protection” and “Study on Chinese Women Development Program” and quiz event. They presented flowers and green plants to female employees attending the activities in the hope that they contribute their wisdom and power to Lishen development.

Chapter II

“Be Delighted with  Positive Attitude”  Psychological Training

Lishen Battery union held “Be Delighted with Positive Attitude” Psychological Training on the afternoon March 7. Cao Wenjie, a national Grade B psychological consultant, was invited to the training as main speaker. For over 50 women employees, he lectured emotion release, relaxation and adjustment with professional perspective and interaction. Everyone expressed their gratitude to Lishen union for having a happy and meaningful holiday, the most heartfelt care to female workers on different positions.

Chapter III

“New Era New Style" Fun Games

The fun games were divided into team matches and individual matches, including fall-free forest, love magic circle, my shot "cell", happy conductor, ring tossing. Each games scene was full of laugh and joy. More than 300 female employees in 11 representative teams actively participated in the games. Prizes were awarded to winning teams at the end of the games though everyone was still enjoying the games in happiness.

“Fun” and “Move” were highlighted in the event, aiming to relaxation and feeling the importance of solidarity and coordination in lively scene.