Industrial and Commercial Level Energy Storage Projects Active to Cater to Market Demand



Lishen Battery expands its product line system to uplift its industrial and commercial product competitiveness specific to different scenarios of applications and for rapid technology iteration. Lishen Battery, on the basis of in-depth analysis on the energy storage core pain points and real market demand, developed two models of industrial and commercial level standard energy storage container subsequent to 20’ and 40’ air cooled standard containers. The two models helped Lishen Battery cover all series container products: liquid cooled cabinets, liquid cooled containers, air cooled containers

45’ walk-in air-cooled container industrial and commercial energy storage system

With the energy storage container system, Lishen Battery, taking advantage of transformation of the core technology, namely energy information, dynamic re-configurable battery network and digital energy exchange contained in “Heterogeneous Compatible Utilization and Intelligent Dismantle Technology of Decommissioned Power Battery”, a national key R&D program, fundamentally eliminates the "shortcoming effect" inherent in conventional fixed series/parallel energy storage battery based system, significantly improving the economy of energy storage system.

Application of 20’ liquid cooled container type industrial and commercial energy storage system

The product is independently developed by Lishen Battery. Its voltage is rated 1228.8V and single box power 3.44MWh. Salient features of the system include: high system integration, the use of 20’ container integrating liquid cooling system, temp-humidity regulation system, PACK level fire protection system and convergence for complete set shipping; three-level safety protection system of PACK + cabin + water spray, fire system combination with BMS to achieve early detection and early control of battery thermal runaway, all for high safety performance of the system.

Energy storage sector remains on rise in global energy reform and developing new types of energy storage is a trend. The past two years saw transition of energy storage from commercialization to large scale. Many countries and regions introduced policy incentives and operation models became mature. It is expected that, by 2025, the total increase of global large energy storage will exceed 250GWh, of which the total increase in China will exceed 80GWh, 35% up in domestic rise to 11.5GW and by the time, the cumulative market size of global industrial and commercial energy storage will reach RMB 19 billion to 24 billion.

Accelerating distribution of energy storage sector, Lishen Battery, focusing on four core pain points, i.e., high safety, long life, high efficiency and low cost, successively introduced cluster/centralized, air cooled/liquid cooled series of energy storage products and solutions and enriched its production models through constant technological iteration. User end energy storage market is cored to match industrial and commercial need so that control is refined and market competitiveness is enhanced specific to market demand and different scenarios.