Lishen Battery Won Second Prize of 2022 Productivity Promotion (Innovative Development)



China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers held “2022 Productivity Promotion Award Ceremony" a few days ago. Lishen Battery's "Core Technology Upgrading of Lithium-Ion Power Battery Manufacturer” won second prize.

Productivity Promotion Award (National Science Award Certificate No. 0083) was established in September 2003. The prize reward advanced, innovative and practical scientific and technological accomplishments achieved in national manufacture industry, projects, products and technology. A total of 293 items were rewarded in the year. Lishen Battery prized project relies on nine patented technologies, four proprietary technologies and one national standard. Lishen Battery made bottleneck breakthrough in electrode production, winding and assembling with five-year technical accumulation in the project. The project helps continuous manufacture and smart production of lithium-ion power battery and development of new models. With the innovation, total production value was increased by RMB5.87 billion in two years.

Over 26 years, Lishen Battery has accumulated rich experience and gained strong technical strength in lithium-ion battery development. It provides high performance high safety lithium-ion power battery with constant innovation and relying on independently developed patents and proprietary technologies. It supplies reliable power for electric vehicle and energy storage systems globally. It spares no effort to build itself new energy flagship among central government administrated enterprises.