Zhang Qiang met Rahim Amidi, co-founder of Plug and Play



On the morning of September 19, Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general president of Lishen Battery, went to Beijing to visit Rahim Amidi, co-founder of Plug and Play.

On behalf of Plug and Play, Mr. Rahim Amidi warmly welcomed the delegation led by Zhang Qiang. He introduced in detail the global business distribution of Plug and Play. He pointed out that, Being the largest early stage investor, incubator and corporate innovation platform globally, Plug and Play has always been seeking quality startup around the world, carried out acceleration camp activities, verify the feasibility of innovative projects, keep in touch globally large enterprises, seek the “soil” like market resources and venture investment which helped growth of startup, Being "national team" of China's new energy industry, Lishen Battery had been deeply engaged in lithium battery R&D and manufacture for 26 years, so it had profound industrial foundation and immense development potential. He expressed his hope both sides deepen the in-depth understanding of each other and broaden the area of cooperation in the future.

Zhang Qiang introduced the development history, strategic planning and business distribution of Lishen Battery. He discussed Lishen Battery's overseas business planning, global partners and core products in recent years. He said that, at present, Lishen Battery was actively exploring overseas markets, established branches in the United States, Germany and several other countries, and hoped to apply relevant resources of Plug and Play to develop more extensive cooperation in overseas business.

Head of Plug and Plug American investment, Plug and Play China partners, heads of Lishen Battery Marketing Center and offices attended the meeting.