Lishen Battery convened 2023 Mid-year Summary Meeting and Strategic Principle Meeting




Lishen Battery 2023 Mid-year Summary Meeting and Strategic Principle Meeting was held in Beijing from 4 to 5 August. The meetings were to further focus on Lishen Battery 2023 key tasks, push the realization of annual target and uplift its development strategy.

In 2023 first half work summary meeting, Lishen Battery business analysis report was made. Marking, quality, new manufacture bases construction, advanced technology R&D, human resources and asset restructuring were discussed in the meeting. Results were summarized, weakness sorted out and practical and effective development paths explored in the meeting.

In review of strategic principle, the implementation plan and digital transformation of the five tasks that China Chengtong and Lishen Battery jointly took the lead or participated in the important deployment of central government owned enterprise strategic emerging sectors by SASAC was intensively studied, scientifically verified and feasibility analyzed. The following were emphasized in the meeting: overall planning, safeguard enhancement, structure optimization, risk control, revenue stabilization, cost reduction, market expansion, benefit raising, income increase, expense saving, consumption decline, prevention of business risk. The meeting called on effort for progress amid difficulty and laying foundation for achieving annual targets.


Tong Laiming, secretary of the Party Committee and managing director, pointed out the following in his speech: The first was to deeply understand the spirit of important instructions and instructions of Xi Jinping, CPC Secretary General, and implement the major decisions and deployments of CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the work requirements of SASAC. The "two capabilities", i.e., innovation capacity and value creation capacity, should be constantly raised. Well play “five roles”: the pillar of economic growth, the “national team” of sci-tech innovation, the leader of industrial development, the ballast of maintaining security, and the supporter of common prosperity, fully play “three functions”: new function of sci-tech innovation, function of industry control and function of safety support, firmly hold primary task of high quality development, and promote Lishen Battery to focus on the annual tasks. The second is to correctly understand the achievements made by Lishen Battery and problems Lishen Battery is confronting at this stage. Deeply work on sci-tech innovation, supply chain resilience, industrial chain coordination, market competitiveness, human resources and capacity scale, focus on strategic leadership, promote capital operation, optimize capacity distribution, strengthen sci-tech innovation, stimulate innovation vitality, push R&D progress, improve internal management, and enhance efficiency of business development, adhere to the Party leadership, conduct thematic education throughout the whole process of party building. The third is to put sci-tech innovation on mainline and plan the cultivation and development of the power battery industry with a high vision. Strengthen sci-tech innovation as a primary measure to further raise effectiveness, adhere to strategic guidance, complete the capital operation objectives with high quality, continue to optimize strategic layout, raise support capacity, improve the resilience of supply chain and industry chain, and ensure safety and effectiveness; Strengthen the training of talents, vigorously promote mechanism innovation; Promote digital transformation and deepen lean management; Comprehensively strengthen the Party's leadership and building and lead high quality development.


Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager, said “The first is to identify goal-orientation and leading. Heads and cadres at all levels should deeply implement the important deployment of the SASAC Party Committee on the development trend of nine strategic emerging sectors and six future sectors, effectively improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, enhance core functions, actively serve the major national strategies, and constantly contribute to high quality industrial development and the high level self-reliance of science and technology. To be specific, focus on improving the comprehensive performance of existing products, deploy power battery technology. Keeping Lishen Battery “14th Five-Year Plan" strategic planning goals in mind, decompose task indicators, reversely schedule time nodes, keep in touch with upstream and downstream industry chain resources, rationally plan product route, transform business cooperation model, complete the goals and tasks with high standards, high quality and high efficiency. The second is that, we should stress action paths and strategies. In line with "high quality development” requirement, Lishen Battery should gather ideological consensus, follow the strategic orientation of "I have what others don’t, mine is better than others, mine is cheaper when all are excellent, i shift business when all are cheap", raise political consciousness and action awareness of implementation, develop  task list and road map with the sense of urgency and initiative that no one affords to wait, slow or sit still, quickly but orderly promote the layout of various work. Continue to build team, safeguard Lishen Battery development and stability, ensure the strategic layout production and operation with "two hands" and "two non-misses", find new growth points and power points, make industry breakthrough and industrial upgrading. The third is that, we must establish a sense of serving overall situation and well put organizational security in place. Continuously build corporate culture, stress the advantages of internal coordination. Offices of the headquarters should meet the needs of front-line business development in terms of resource allocation, institutional innovation, lean management, incentive and assessment, well perform top-level design, follow problem orientation, and deepen horizontal and vertical communication in view of "bottleneck" that hinders Lishen Battery high quality development. Constantly put forward new concepts, new ideas and new ways to truly solve problems.


Action after review and plan, knowing the point where to stop. The success of the meeting further highlights the work style of Lishen Battery, courageous and brave in front of difficulties, realistic and pragmatic in the work.  Lishen Battery is confident and determined to undertake the key tasks of strategic emerging industries of central government owned enterprises deployed by SASAC. It holds the initiative of future development and fortify the cohesion and integrity of business backbone teams. It made new breakthroughs in the march of building new energy industry banner among central government owned enterprises and important force in national new energy strategy.

Lishen Battery Industry Cultivation Department, Cloud Light Team, heads of Lishen Battery, HQ offices, Marketing and R&D teams and subsidiaries attended the meeting.