Lishen Battery convened strategic principle meeting and cylindrical battery seminar



Lishen Battery held strategic principle meeting and cylindrical battery seminar in attempt to further focus on "14th Five-Year Plan" strategic planning, strengthen technological innovation and market development and realize high quality development goals.

In strategic principle meeting, interim evaluation was conducted specific to Lishen Battery's "14th Five-Year Plan" strategic planning. The meeting conducted in-depth research and analysis on industrial distribution, market development, technology research and development, management improvement, ecological construction, capital operation, and organizational security, and provided achievable paths and special plans for strengthening internal system and capacity building and achieving strategic goals.

In cylindrical battery discussion, current market development trend was specially reported, common issues like market demand, technical routes and manufacture process were intensively reviewed and past experience and lessons were summarized, concluding comprehensive results and sharing views.

Tong Liming, secretary of the Party Committee and managing director, pointed out the following in his speech: “The first is to solve problems with development thinking, benchmark itself with industry-leading enterprises, gradually bridge the gap with competitors; The second is to stress market strategy, intensify cooperation with customers, raise service awareness and take the initiative to meet market demand; The third is to stress cost reduction and efficiency, uplift product reliability while reducing cost; The fourth is to innovate system and mechanism, respond to Lishen Battery development with the vision of "change", increase management efficiency and forge grouped management model; The fifth is to have more understanding of R&D team on production line, enhance R&D capability and accelerate the transformation of market demand; The sixth is to accelerate digital transformation, enable smart manufacture by upgrading software and hardware, promote and replicate smart manufacture in manufacture bases with standard management and  seek post-move advantage.

Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president, made following point: “The first is to precisely sense market trend, develop marketing strategy with reference to market trend, formulate marketing and price strategies area by area and develop quality customer resources on priority; the second is unite project teams, comprehensively consider common issues and trend of cylindrical battery sector and enable highly efficient interaction, communication and share of resources on all links; The third is to build  product end performance advantage, highlight products, intensify product quality, raise market competitiveness and right of voice; The fourth is to update strategic planning and deployment, refine the management granularity and put strategic development goals in place.

 The success of the meeting further highlights highly efficient inter-connection between Lishen Battery decision makers and various business sectors. The initiative of Lishen Battery's future development is firmly held in its own hand. The meeting enhanced cohesion and centripetal power of business backbones, a new breakthrough in the march of building new energy industry banner among central government owned enterprises and important force in national new energy strategy.

Heads of Lishen Battery, HQ offices, marketing and R&D teams and subsidiaries attended the meeting.