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Wonderful Cell Dynamic, Focus on Lithium Future | Lishen 19th Art Festival on Grand Play



The festival was destined to enhance Lishen employees’ sports and cultural life and gather striving power. On June 1, the 19th "Follow the Party with Heart and Soul, Forge New March with Solidity and Strive” themed Art Festival held by Lishen union was on grand opening. Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of Lishen Party Committee and president attended the event and made speech. Wang Zhan, deputy secretary of Lishen Party Committee and vice president, also attended the gathering.

Zhang Qiang, deputy Party secretary and president of Lishen, on behalf of Lishen Party Committee and management, extended warm congratulations on the success of the Art Festival. He said that Lishen union has always practiced the working spirit of well serving employees in its true sense and eliminating hardship and holding this Art Festival was one of important content of building corporate image externally and enhancing quality internally in corporate culture building. It was hoped that the staff feel the vitality of Lishen vigorous development, promote spirit of solidarity, gather team work force, jointly shape a healthy and civilized, high-spirited cultural environment in a new span of work and brilliant Lishen.