Lishen Battery Power Sector Monthly Marketing Analysis Held



On the afternoon 18 May, Lishen (Qingdao) New Energy Co., Ltd. (Lishen (Qingdao)) held April Marketing Review Meeting. Zhang Qiang, secretary of Party committee and managing director, Yang Chenglin, deputy secretary of Party committee and general manager of Lishen (Qingdao), attended the meeting and delivered speech.

Zhang Qiang pointed out the following: “First is to expand market and take advantage of itself to seize market; Second is to quickly respond to customer, take joint action and serve customers; Third is to follow standard process to improve work efficiency and win market through team work; Fourth is to reduce cost and increase efficiency through internal management and cost optimization.

Yang Chenglin said the following: “First is to uplift our own ability and team ability through learning, align ourselves with first-class firms and find gap and act accordingly; Second is that leaders should act like coaches, lead the team to transform our thought, stimulate the team, adhere to innovation; Third is to put the management in place, apply identified rules to react the changing market and bring all works under control.

In the meeting, Lishen (Qingdao) April marketing and Q2 Task were reported, operation, the sale of vehicle mountable products, energy storage products and commercial/industrial energy storage products and market were analyzed, currently encountered issues were addressed, May and June targets and actions were identified.

The meeting was convened “on-line and off-line”. Member of power platform, heads of offices, heads of Chuzhou Lishen, Qingdao Lishen, Wuxi Lishen and Tianjin New Energy and core backbones attended the meeting.