2023 Lishen Battery Global Partners Conference Held




2023 Lishen Battery Global Partners Conference themed “Be Diligent at All’s Best” was held in Wuxi on 15 November 2023.

The conference was centered around Lishen Battery strategic development planning, more harmonious and closer industrial chain and supply chain ecosystem and complex with global partners. More than 350 representatives from over 150 Lishen Battery customers and suppliers were invited to the conference, a move to launch a new chapter of strategic cooperation.

Tong Laiming, member of the Party Committee and vice president of China Chengtong, secretary of the Party Committee and managing director of Lishen Battery, Fang Li, secretary of the Party Committee of Xishan District, Wuxi City Jiangsu Province, and Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Lishen Battery attended the conference and delivered speeches. Wang Zhan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of Lishen Battery, hosted the signing of “Party Co-Building Agreement”. Following distinguished heads of Lishen Battery and guests also attended the conference: Ding Zhaoshi, member of the Party Committee and assistant to president, Lishen Battery; Mao Dawei, assistant to president Lishen Battery, assistant to president of Lishen (Qingdao) New Energy and director of research institute of Lishen (Qingdao); Xiao Fei, chief engineer, Zhang Qi, discipline inspector of Lishen (Suzhou); Lu Xiaobo, vice mayor of Xishan District, Wuxi; Sun Chun, secretary of the Party Committee, Li Yejun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Ehu Town, Xishan District; Zheng Zheming and Zou Yufeng, both members of the Party Committee and vice president of Lishen Battery; Yang Chenglin and Huang Hui, assistant president of Lishen Battery.


Opening address by Tong Laiming

Tong Laiming said, “China Chengtong, a state-owned capital operation company, follows the major deployment of the State Council SACSA for structural adjustment and continues the reform and development of Lishen Battery. It is committed to building Lishen Battery into a "new energy flagship among central government owned enterprises", and contributes to the national strategy of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization". In the future, Lishen Battery will constantly expand the scale of high-quality production capacity, enhance industrial influence, control, driving force and support, and fully play the main role of a central government owned enterprise in new energy battery sector.” He stressed the cooperation principle always upheld by China Chengtong and Lichen Battery who were building an open platform on which a closer ecosystem was created, a more harmonious and close complex of industry and capital developed, the advantages of industry and finance combination taken, enabling the two to become boosters of development of China's new energy industry and even broader strategic emerging industries.

Speech by Fang Li

Fang Li said, “Wuxi Xishan District supports new energy industry while Lishen Battery is the "national team" in new energy industry. Xishan District welcomes the introduction of Lishen (Wuxi) Base We like to offer associated support, favorable policy and business environment for investors and support their development for win-win.”

Conclusive speech by Zhang Qiang

In his conclusive speech, Zhang Qiang said, “Lishen Battery actively demonstrates the role of central government owned enterprises and fully takes the synergistic advantages of China Chengtong "4+1" sectors. It uplifts the resilience and safety level of industrial chain and supply chain through capital cooperation, industrial collaboration and R&D co-building. It advocates the synergy between supply and demand among upstream and downstream industries. It achieves the tight binding between upstream mineral resources and downstream terminal applications. He hoped that this conference would promote the cooperation among Lishen and partners, the solidarity to combine “chains” to trend, the new contribution to high quality manufacture, emerging industries and high level sci-technological progress.

Global Partners Conference

Signing Ceremony of Party Building and Co-Building Agreement

Wang Zhan, on behalf of Lishen Battery signed Party Building and Co-building Agreements with authorized representatives of following suppliers: Ningxia Sinochem Lithium Battery Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zichen Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin MGL New Materials, Tianjin Jinniu Power Materials Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yinghe Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co., Ltd. The signing of the agreement aims to complementary advantages, resource sharing and joint participation through party building and co-building for common development.

Supply Chain Management Planning

In supply chain management planning report, Mao Dawei introduced key planning orientation and principle of supply chain based on two platforms, power and consumption. He detailed Lishen Battery production capacity requirements planned for 2024-2025, analyzed material quantities and equipping need. “Lishen Battery is committed to "becoming a world-class new energy enterprise", a source of original lithium battery technology, and actively building a good industrial ecology with all partners,” said he.

Quality Management Requirement Report

In his quality management requirements report, Ding Zhaoshi shared supplier quality status and quality cases. Quality management strategy from pre-prevention, mass production monitoring and supplier performance management was elaborated in the report. He hoped that all suppliers enhance the level of quality control and produce high-quality product.

Technology and Materials Development Planning

Chen Chao introduced the technical routes and main battery models for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and energy storage. “Quality uplift doesn’t come alone. It also rely on material, technology and equipment innovation. I hope Lishen suppliers will jointly explore the path of technological innovation,” said Chen Chao.

Honest and compliant operation

In his “Honest and Compliant Operation” report, Zhang Qi said that Lishen Battery was committed to create with business partners a fair just “intimate” and “clear” business environment for potential development, trust and win-win.

Announcement of new products

Xiao Fei, in this new model release report, introduced several new models of cylindrical battery recently developed by Lishen Battery. These models are LR1865-3.8Ah, full tab LR2170-5Ah and  LR2170-6Ah. They represent the latest achievement of Lishen Battery in high capacity, high power and high safety battery technology.

Awards Ceremony

In 26-year development history, Lishen Battery and all suppliers worked together for win-win. In the conference, strategic partner award, outstanding quality award, technology leading award and excellent supplier award were honored to 34 suppliers.

Maintain original heart, forge ahead. Lishen Battery, standing at new start point of new history, looks forward with full vision and passion. Lishen Battery is committed to constant exploration of lithium-ion battery R&D and manufacture and cooperation with partners for better future.