Ceremony for Commercial Operation of Lishen Chuzhou Base and Press Release of New Products and New Image Convened



On October 27, the commercial operation ceremony of Lishen Chuzhou Base and New Product New Image press release was held in Chuzhou, Anhui Province. The event was themed “Move with Lishen Battery Stored Energy”. More than 500 people attended the activities. They are heads from Anhui Province, Chuzhou City and Quanjiao County, heads of China Chengtongm, shareholders, directors, investors and customers of Lishen Battery and Lishen (Qingdao), representatives of financial institutions, new energy industry experts, suppliers and media.

Zhu Bixin, secretary of the Party Committee and president of China Chengtong; Xu Jiwei, secretary of the Party Committee, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province; Zeng Chuisong, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, chief scientist of National Energy Reserve Economy Research Center, chief scientist and chief scientific advisor of National Lithium-ion Power Battery Engineering Technology Research Center and chief scientist and chief scientific advisor of Lishen Battery; and Lu Wensheng, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony and delivered speech. Tong Laiming, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of China Chengtong, secretary of the Party Committee and the managing director of Lishen Battery, and Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Lishen Battery, as heads of the event organizer, addressed the ceremony. Ma Chuanxi, vice chairman of CPPCC Committee of Anhui Province and chairman of the Democratic Revolution Committee of Anhui Province; Wu Jin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Chuzhou; Wang Tuqiang, director of the Standing Committee of the NPC of Chuzhou; Wang Jianzhong, chairman of the CPPCC Committee of Chuzhou; Jin Li, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Chuzhou; Yang Guang, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Quanjiao County; Tang Yu, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Quanjiao County; Wang Zhaogang, member of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of China Chengtong, Wei Ran, secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and president of Chengtong Fund Management Co., Ltd., and Yang Chenglin, assistant general manager of Lishen Battery, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Lishen (Qingdao), general manager of Chuzhou Lishen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., also attended the meeting.

#1 Address by heads

In his speech, Zhu Bixin said, “China Chengtong is resolutely putting the important in place the directive spirit of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC: "building effective platform for state-owned capital flow restructuring and distribution adjustment", and actively creates a "4+1" business pattern: i.e., fund investment, equity management, asset management, financial services and cultivation of strategic emerging industries. We are in strive to build a "reform toolbox" for high-quality development of SACSA central government-owned central enterprises and an "incubator" for prospective strategic emerging industries, and make positive contributions to the optimization and structural adjustment of central government-owned economic distribution and the high-quality development of these enterprises. Lishen Battery, a first state asset holding lithium-ion battery R&D and manufacture firm in China, has been intensively engaged in lithium battery sector for 26 years, serving international hi-end customers with technology and quality. Construction of Lishen Chuzhou Manufacture is an important move for expansion of production capacity and hi-quality sustainable development. Taking the commercial operation as an opportunity and led under national new energy and electric vehicle industrial trend, Lishen Battery will play “National Team” role for development of local economy and advanced photovoltaic and energy storage sectors.

“Chuzhou City focuses on new energy battery, new energy vehicle and photovoltaic energy, the said "three new home appliances". It is in pursuit of new racetracks and emerging sectors. The commissioning of Lishen Chuzhou Manufacture Base Phase I Plant and agreement signing for Phase II Plant is of significant practical importance for Chuzhou new energy battery sector to be clustered, trended, bigger and stronger. Chuzhou Municipal Party Committee and government will, as they did always, take care of Lishen development and support Lishen project. Quanjiao County and relevant departments are instructed to do their best to help Lishen with quality service. I hope both China Chengtong and Lishen Battery promote production to desired capacity and expected effect at the soonest, the project under the signed agreement be commenced and completed at the earliest, production size be constantly expanded and quality brand be established in Chuzhou”, said Xu Jiwei.

Zeng Chuisong said, “energy safeguard and security relates to national economy and people's livelihood. It is a country’s important issue that cannot be ignored even a moment. Lishen Battery, a “National Team” in lithium battery sector under the leadership of China Chengtong, has been striving and made unique achievement thanks to strong R&D capacity and deep technical background. It gained high attention and cultivation by relevant national authorities. It undertook a number of national strategic emerging industries key scientific research tasks and developed itself with “National Team” high-quality speed. I hope Lishen Battery continue to serve the national "new energy + energy storage" power system, low-carbon transformation of transportation, smart green logistics model, “carbon peak, carbon neutrality" strategy and global sustainable development.”

Lu Wensheng said, “lithium battery is a prospective strategic emerging industry. It supports new power system. It has great development potential and promising market. Both China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd. and Lishen Battery are central government owned enterprises and they share high degree of strategic coordination. In August this year, China Southern Power Grid Energy Storage Co., Ltd. participated in Lishen (Qingdao) round-B financing with investment. It is expected both sides conduct more extensive and intensive cooperation in energy storage sci-technological innovation and industrial collaboration, jointly developing high quality energy storage sector.

#2 Address by Organizer

“Lishen Battery, with the vision of "becoming a world-class new energy firm", courageously undertakes national major R&D tasks, strong foundation projects and smart manufacture. It actively builds good industrial ecology. Lishen Battery products are applied in energy, transportation, logistics and some other major national infrastructure and sectors. It serves the general’s need for green, low-carbon and smart life. The completion of Chuzhou Manufacture Base marks an important step in its pursuit of advanced product R&D and manufacture processes and digital, intelligent and green benchmark plant. In the future, Lishen Battery will continue to expand high-quality production capacity, enhance industrial influence, control, driving force and support, and fully play the mainstream role of a central government owned firm in new energy battery sector”, said Tong Laiming.

In conclusive speech, Zhang Qiang said, “the completion and commissioning of Chuzhou Manufacture Base is new start point in new march of Lishen Battery. The high-quality production capacity represented by Chuzhou Base will continue to be self-innovated, iterated and upgraded. It will be in transformation of high-end, low-carbon and intelligent manufacture in which relevant advanced experience will be duplicated and shifted to other bases. In this way, a number of star products will be in massive production, which will increase Lishen Battery’s capacity share and brand influence in international hi-end market. Ultimately, high industrial added value will benefit local economy and Lishen Battery will serve customers with high standard product performance in return. Lishen Battery will also repay shareholders with high quality business accomplishment.

Lishen Battery will study the important speech and instruction spirit of Xi Jinping, the General Secretary on integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, seize the development opportunity of new energy industry, and be embedded in industrial chain, innovation chain and ecological chain in the Yangtze River Delta. Chuzhou Base will inherit Lishen Battery's technical advantage, capital advantage and scene application advantage in lithium battery R&D and manufacture over years. With continuous innovation of technology, products and business models, It will cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises in Anhui for cluster effect, reflecting the mission of a central government owned enterprise, contributing itself to local economic and social development.

#3 Commissioning Ceremony

RMB15.2 billion is invested in Lishen Battery Chuzhou Base. The base occupies nearly 1600mu land in general planning, annual production capacity is as high as 36GWh. The demonstration project under the agreement signed this time is designed for lithium battery manufacture, comprehensive development of wind power, PV power and storage as well as for industrial and commercial energy storage. Total investment of the project is RMB11.8 billion and commencement is expected in 2024. Cost reduction, efficiency raising and quality uplift are fully considered in the design of Lishen Battery Chuzhou project. 8 items of new process technology are introduced, 6 items of process uplifted and 5 items of quality improved in the project. The project is so reasonably planned that new energy battery storage biomass energy production and roof top distributed PV energy production are possible in the plant, a practice of national new energy development strategy.

At the commissioning ceremony, Ma Chuanxi, Zhu Bixin, Xu Jiwei, Wu Jin, Wang Tuqiang, Wang Jianzhong, Wang Zhaogang, Tong Laiming, Yang Guang, Wei Ran, Zhang Qiang and Yang Chenglin jointly launched the push rod for commissioning ceremony of the Chuzhou Base.

#4 New Image Release

In new image release, Yang Chenglin said, “Innovation has been rooted in business concept of Lishen Battery since its establishment in 1997. In new development, “NEW” is integrated in Lishen Battery logo. Chinese red and universe blue is the original intention and mission of Lishen battery, a “National Team” in new energy industry. The intention and mission will also promote Lishen Battery’s development momentum, the pursuit of development speed, the resolve and undertaking to promote sustainable development. Lishen Battery will provide strong power for green commuting and for sustainable safeguard of new energy.”

#5 New Products Release

“The four new models of products are applied in transport, logistics and energy storage. They will provide more advanced power solution to green commuting and low-carbon life”, said Hong Shu.

Ultra-long cycle high capacity energy storage battery

Most advanced lithium source slow-release technology, low lithium consumption cathode technology and self-healing electrolyte technology are applied in the battery. The product capacity is as high as 320Ah, almost 15% higher than previous generation capacity. Cycle life is 12,000 times, more than 50% higher than that of previous products. Zero capacity attenuation is possible in first three years. It is extensively applied in shared energy storage, new energy distribution storage, industrial and commercial energy storage so it is a competitive product in current energy storage market.

Long cycle heavy truck battery

Lithium source slow-release technology, material grading technology and gradient electrode technology are applied in battery cell which capacity is as high as 230Ah and specific energy density is 180Wh/g and cycle life is over 10000 times. The performance meets the need of a battery swap heavy truck for life span of one million kilometer, significantly improving electric heavy truck operating efficiency and profitability. In addition, this product is also applied in electric vessel and coaches, in which, the high capacity, high specific energy and long life of battery make electrification of logistics and transportation possible. It not only helps reduce logistics cost and improve transportation efficiency but also reduces pollution and greens transportation.

High specific energy big cylindrical battery

Designed with high-nickel ternary anode with silicon carbon cathode and high-conductivity thick electrode, the battery capacity is 33Ah, energy density is 280Wh/kg, enduring 1000 kilometers mileage. 15 minutes quick charge meets the application requirement of hi-end passenger vehicle for 800,000 kilometers mileage in 10 years. The battery technology is leading at home.

High specific energy semi-solid battery

Ultra-high nickel surfacing technology and homogeneous low expansion silicon carbon technology are applied in manufacture of the battery. Battery capacity is 90Ah and specific energy is 372Wh/kg. The battery not only meets passenger vehicle 1200km endurance but also meets logistics drone 300km endurance. Solid-liquid fusion technology, organic-inorganic composite technology diaphragm and high safety flame retardant additive technology are also applied in the product, which enables the battery to pass 150℃ oven test, significantly improving its safety, safeguarding customers.

#5 Signing Ceremony

Zhang Qiang and Tang Yu, representing Lishen Battery and Quanjiao County Government respectively, signed officially the agreement on Lishen Battery lithium battery manufacture and comprehensive development wind power, PV power and storage and industrial and commercial energy storage demonstration project.

Lishen Battery and Zhongcheng Liheng (Fuzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Guojin Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Anyihang (Changzhou) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Chengtong Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. jointly signed an agreement on "Swap Battery Ecological Strategic Cooperation and Supply of First 1000 Vehicle".

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