Lishen (Qingdao) Signed Agreement with Ganergy Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. for Strategic Cooperation



The agreement was signed on 08 May. Yang Chenglin, deputy secretary and general manager of Lishen (Qingdao) and Wang Zhengquan, chairperson of the board of Ganergy Heavy Industry attended the signing ceremony and signed the agreement.

The signing of the agreement is one step for intensive cooperation of the sides on mutual benefit. The are strategic partners in oil and gas field, the related products and market. They have conducted strategic cooperation in energy storage, new energy vehicle, charge/battery swap facilities, smart energy application for win-win and sustainable development of green energy.

In the meeting, Yang Chenglin congratulated Ganergy on achievement made in equipment manufacture, oil and gas field development, project service and special vehicle manufacture. He have general review of the project in cooperation, introduced Lishen’s business distribution, areas of application and intensive engagement in lithium battery and expressed his will to accelerate and intensify cooperation with Ganergy.

Wang Zhengquan highly recognized the merit of Lishen Battery for rapid development. He then introduced main lines of business, marketing, project product requirements and areas of  application of Ganergy’s products. He expressed his wish for coordination in upstream and downstream industrial chain and expansion of cooperation with Lishen Battery.

The signing of the agreement will accelerate the development of Lishen Battery in green energy market and intensify the cooperation of both sides at higher level and for wider range, helping build more areas of application of energy storage and electric vehicle. It plays active role in enhancing competitiveness of both sides and support their development at high rate.