Build firm cyber security defense line, securely undertake responsibility of cyber security | Lishen Battery Held Cyber Security Emergency Change-over Exercise



In an effort to study and implement the important though of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on cyber security, upgrade key information infrastructure security and effectively uplift the capacity to handle cyber emergency, Lishen Battery held the cyber security emergency changeover drill.

In the exercise,  two scenarios were simulated: Internet output portal firewall device failure and server portal interconnection line interruption. After the drill was commenced, emergency personnel quickly launched emergency plans, conducted incident analysis, risk assessment, emergency handling and other operations. They recorded key information and data during the drill on real time basis, the reference for subsequent analysis and summary.

The exercise effectively tested the feasibility and effectiveness of cyber security contingency plan of Lishen Battery. It provided solid reference for handling real network security incidents. It also tested the cooperation and disposal ability of the emergency response team and improved the response ability and professionalism under emergency situations. In next step, Lishen Battery will continue the building of cyber emergency response team, improve their overall cyber security attack protection, detection, analysis capabilities, promptly detect and handle security vulnerabilities, avoid security risks and constantly improve cyber security emergency response capability and level. Meanwhile, research in and innovation of cyber security technology should be fortified and new means and methods of cyber security protection should be actively explored, the sound safeguard to robust development of Lishen Battery business.