Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law Publicity Week | Give priority to Prevention, Safeguard Occupational Health



The week from 25 April to 1 May 2024 is the 22nd Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law publicity week. On the occasion, Lishen Battery publicized the law, played the principal role of employer in effort to improve occupational health of employees, safeguard employees’ health right. The publicity event is themed “Priority on Prevention and Staff Health Safeguard”, creating environment of care for physical and psychological health of employees in the company.

Series Event 1: Participation in Publicity Week Kick-off Ceremony on Invitation of High-Tech Zone Authority

On the morning of 26 April, Lishen Battery was invited to  "Occupational Disease Prevention Law" publicity week launch ceremony and a series of publicity activities jointly sponsored by Tianjin Health Supervision Institute, Tianjin Binhai High-Tech Zone Social Development Bureau, Tianjin Bohai Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Labor Health Research Institute (Tianjin Chemical Workers Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment Institute) and Tianjin Binhai High-Tech Zone Huayuan Science Park Community Health Service Center.

Series Event 2: Publicity Campaign on “Occupational Diseases Prevention and Control Law”

Lishen Battery issued the "Notice on Launch of 2024 Lishen Battery " Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law "Publicity Week activities. The activities include hanging publicity banners, show of publicity panels, electronic screen display, creating strong atmosphere of care and support for occupational health. All subsidiaries actively participated into publicity activities, distributed publicity fold pages, put up publicity posters, organized employees to learn and watch video materials collectively in order to raise the self-protection awareness and ability of employees.

Series Event 3: Internal Training on Occupational Health

Lishen Battery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. mobilized all employees to participate in on-line "Cool Study Academy" video learning; Tianjin Lishen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. organized officers at all levels to participate in off-line occupational health knowledge lectures. The internal trainings offered the opportunities for employees to have knowledge on occupational health related laws and regulations, understand existing occupational hazard factors, identify occupational hazard control measures, learn occupational health physical examination process and raise employees' awareness of understanding the law and abiding by the law.

Series Event 4: Occupational Health Knowledge Competition Activities

Tianjin Juyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Chuzhou Lishen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. organized occupational health knowledge competition activities according to their respective situation of production. "Reward for answering questions” event disclosed the employees' level of understanding occupational health knowledge, laying solid foundation of enhancing occupational health management.

Series Event 5: Voluntary Health Check-up

Lishen Battery's Binhai project office actively organized migrant workers to physical check-up center for health examination and regularly monitored their blood pressure, avoiding fall from height. Chuzhou Lishen New Energy Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. Has put its production base into operation. It highly takes care of occupational health. It held special activities in “Occupational Diseases Prevention and Control Law” Publicity Week in view of current production and marketing situation. It invited six physicians from the People’s Hospital of Quanjiao County who voluntarily examine employees’ health, answer their inquiries, publicized health knowledge, distributed publicity pamphlets and environment protection bags, medicine and PPE and measure blood pressure for employees.

Lishen Battery takes care of physical and mental health of employees, actively participates in "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law" publicity week activities and undertakes the leading and model role. It eliminates occupational disease from source, controls hazard, puts its responsibilities in place, increases its investment in maintaining occupational health, cultivate health managers, safeguard employees’ health rights and interests, a gift to 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.