Chuzhou Lishen and Qingdao Lishen Carried out Front-Line Foremen Training



The training was sponsored by Lishen Battery power sector for Chuzhou Base and Qingdao base on 17 April and 23 April respectively. The purpose of the training is to uplift production efficacy, foster management awareness, ability and skill of foremen, enhance behavior control, stimulate execution and self-drive. The training subject is centered around behavior control, the power of execution and self-drive.

Training focuses are: First is to enhance role awareness for intensive analysis on job competence requirements and execution management; Second is to use task list, create team head task list and routine execution criteria on the basis of task priority and key task core KPI, lead foremen to be disciplined themselves, lead their shifts and teams with high level of execution and self-drive power, adhere to strict management, perform duties with care, integrate routine requirement into habit, create standard work concept; Third is to implement task list in place, apply clear management strategies, identify work objectives, well divide tasks, establish execution criteria and tell specific and key control points. All trainees were instructed to develop various returns and self-improvement plans after training.

Chuzhou Base training show

Qingdao Base training show

This training was closely themed and held with incentive points and in new way. Training discussion and analysis session helped trainees to comb task list while combination of theory study and scenario-based discussion enabled trainees to learn accurate and highly efficient management methods and strategies.

Over the years, Lishen Battery attached great importance to the growth and cultivation of talents. It optimized training system, scientifically developed training plans, continuously followed up training effect and built a diversified development platform, fully mobilized talent enthusiasm and creativity. This helped Lishen Battery achieve targets and build a new energy industry flag.

More than 90 team foremen from different bases participated in the training.