The Party Committee of Lishen Battery held a special meeting to deploy the study and education on Party disciplines



A special meeting was held by the Party Committee of Lishen Battery on the afternoon 13 April to carefully study and pass on the important speeches and instructions made by the General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Party disciplines education. In the meeting, the spirit of the Central government’s party building leading team meeting was studied to put in place the special meeting spirit of the State Council’s SASAC Party Committee and China Chengtong Party Committee. “Work Plan on the Party Discipline Study and Education of Tianjin Lishen Battery Party Committee” was reviewed and passed in the meeting. Since then, Lishen Battery Party discipline learning and education activities were launched completely. Tong Laiming, secretary of Party Committee and president of Lishen Battery, chaired the meeting and delivered speech. Members of Lishen Battery Party committee reported on their respective work.

It was instructed in the meeting that the study and education of Party discipline is an important measure to strengthen the Party's discipline construction and promote the development of comprehensive and strict Party governance. The General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly delivered important speeches and made important instructions on the study and education of Party discipline, providing important guidelines for the study and education.Party organizations at all levels are advised to intensively understand the significance of study and education, take Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the new era as guidance, deeply study the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Disciplinary Measures, be centered around "ten ones" key tasks of Party discipline learning and education of the company's Party Committee, seize the keys and make concrete achievement.The learning and education on discipline is to guide party members and cadres to learn discipline, know discipline, be clear of discipline, and observe discipline.It should be realized that comprehensively and strictly governing the Party is always on the way. We must advocate party members and cadres to further strengthen discipline awareness, strengthen self-restraint, improve immunity, and become stronghold for high-quality development.

It was stressed in the meeting that conducting Party discipline learning and education is a major political task. In this end, organizational leadership should be fostered and various tasks of Party discipline learning and education should be completed with high standard and high quality.Full coverage of Party branch learning and education and guidance should be guaranteed through careful organizing and intensive scheduling. Overall coordination should be followed, learning and education performed from both hands. The discipline learning and theme education results should be linked and in effective coordination with “conduct building and uplift Year" action.Publicizing and guidance should be enhanced and practical effect highlighted for strong media atmosphere and positive leading power.It was advised in the meeting that the opportunity of Party discipline learning and education should be seized to create a clean and lean political ecology, further stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of Party members and cadres, providing a political safeguard for building Lishen Battery a flag in new energy sector. The meeting was held by means of the combination of “on line and off line”. 80 secretaries and members including those from 2 party committees and 24 Party branches attended the meeting.