The Party Committee of Lishen Battery Held Meeting to Review The General Secretary’s Speeches in the form “First Topic”



On April 2, the Party Committee of Lichen Battery held a meeting to study, in the form of "First Topic", the important instructions General Secretary Xi Jinping made on the occasion of the opening of the training class for young and middle-aged cadres of the Central Party School (National School of Administration) in the spring semester of 2024 and the important content emphasized by the General Secretary during his inspection in Hunan. Tong Laiming, secretary of Party Committee and president of Lishen Battery, chaired the meeting and delivered speech. Members of the management reported on their respective work.

It was pointed out in the meeting that the General Secretary's expectations for young cadres are not only ideological mobilization, but also a guide to action. They are rather scientific guides for young cadres. The General Secretary visited Hunan and raised expectations for Hunan in next stage of work. During the visit, he put forward major strategic guidance for Hunan's high-quality development, the clear way to future work.

It was stressed in the meeting that the party organizations and party members at all levels of the company should study the important instructions made on the occasion of the opening of the young cadres training class and the spirit of the important speeches made during General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Hunan. On one hand, we should strengthen the training and management of young cadres, fully play the advantages and energy of young cadres, guide young cadres to vigorously perform the spirit of responsibility and struggle, and practice excellent "inherent skills". On the other hand, we should strengthen scientific and technological innovation and the management members should personally attend the work, lead in in-depth study and research at grassroots level, highlight issue-orientation in reform, turn scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces and resolve stuck problems.

Issues relevant to the Party committee’s 2024 propaganda ideological and cultural work, patrol inspection were also reviewed in the meeting.