Ding Zhaoshi Attended Chuzhou Lishen WCM Project 2024 Kickoff Meeting



Ding Zhaoshi, member of the Party committee and assistant to general manager of Lishen Battery, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Lishen (Qingdao) attended Chuzhou Lishen WCM Project 2024 kickoff meeting and made speech recently.

Ding Zhaoshi stressed following points: The first is to steadily push construction of Chuzhou Lishen WCM project, apply professional tools to improve existing production management mechanism, upgrade production management level; focus on corporate strategy, form a "top-base" and "base-top" loop, and build WCM management system with Lishen characteristics.

The second is to raise ideological understanding, learn from and take reference with good experience, quickly duplicate and promote it, act quickly, create value, and turn it into good cycle.

The third is to adhere to high target, apply WCM lean concept, pursue zero accident, zero loss, zero failure, zero defect targets, build quality project; utilize relevant tools to optimize talent training and position setting to achieve the company's goal of cost reduction and efficiency growth.

The fourth is to promote WCM actual effectiveness, identify goals, develop effective strategies, pay attention to key indicators and continuous improvement with perseverance.

The fifth is to share experience through cross-department collaboration, pilot projects, training and communication, establish incentive mechanism, improve the level of participation by all and deepen WCM management mode at manufacture management level of the company.

At the meeting, heads of Chuzhou Lishen issued  "Group Award" and "Work Order" to QM, FI, PM and AM pillar team leaders and encouraged them to make breakthroughs in their jobs.

Wang Guichao, deputy chief engineer, Lin Hui, director of Operation and Bai Gang, deputy director of HR of Lishen (Qingdao), Zhang Runqiang, deputy general manager, Wang Zhe, deputy general manager, He Yachao, chief financial supervisor, Kuang Qun, assistant to general manager of Chuzhou Lishen, WCM project pillar members and team heads, totally over 80 people, attended the meeting.