Zhang Qiang Inspected Jangsu Lishen and Wuxi Lishen



Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Lishen Battery Inspected Jangsu Lishen and Wuxi Lishen on 29 March.

During the visit, Zhang Qiang inspected charging workshop, electrode cell combine workshop and power station of Suzhou Lishen Phase II project under construction. He listened to the project office report and raised specific requirements for next step. The first is to well coordinate with cross-word of different specialties, complete the work as soon as possible; The second is to stringently control construction quality, follow the specifications and establish incentives; The third is to uplift safety awareness, enhance safety protection, remove hazard, maintain safety, the bottom line; The fourth is to control overall cost, reduce cost and increase efficiency, explore potentials and fully play the role of talents and the use of materials.

During his visit in Wuxi Lishen, Zhang Qiang listened to the report on progress of Wuxi Base and Wuxi Research Institute project and learned the difficulties and issues in construction. He stressed the following: First is that Wuxi base and Wuxi Research Institute should strengthen party building, fully play the leading role of party building and construct the project with integrity. The second is to uphold development confidence, create good atmosphere for business and work with a more positive attitude and behavior. The third is to enhance team-building, well educate all, enhance team resilience, maintain the team’s overall stability and cope with the complexity of market environment. Fourth is to strengthen quality process control, develop quality incentives to ensure construction quality.

Heads of Suzhou Lishen, team leaders of Suzhou Phase II project, representatives of contractors, head of the Engineer, heads of Wuxi Base and Wuxi Research Institute joined the inspection.