Lishen Battery Organized New "Companies Act" Training



On March 15, Lishen Battery conducted new “Companies Act” training. The training allows employees to learn and be adapted to new “Companies Act” and promote legal governance of the company and compliant management.

Zhang Xiaoli, senior partner of Tianjin Sifang Junhui Law Firm, was invited for the training which is centered around main change in new “Companies Act”. The training tells the background on amendment to “Companies Act” and significance of the amendment. It analyzes, from the perspective of legislation and practical experience and viewpoint of state owned enterprises, the changes in company capital system, the exercise of shareholders' rights, the expansion of company obligations. It comprehensively explains the important significance of new “Companies Act” to the modernization of state-owned enterprises' governance. Being strong in theory and guidance,  the training is of great importance for employees to proceed with follow-up business in accordance with the law, govern the enterprise compliantly and prevent legal risks.

Heads of Lishen Battery risk control management, strategic development, finance, general affair’s office, party and mass office, power sector and consumer product sector participated in the training.