Lishen Battery's first ever overseas large-scale energy storage battery system was taken over as whole



Recently, the air-cooled container energy storage system supplied by Lishen Battery for energy storage photovoltaic farm in N 'Djamena, Chad, passed inspection and would be shipped to the Owner. This marks the taking over, by the Owner, of Lishen Battery's first overseas large-scale energy storage battery system.

△ Lishen Battery 3.44MWh 20’ Air-cooled Container System

The PV Farm Energy Storage Station in N 'Djamena, Chad, is one of the key projects of clean energy cooperation between China and Chad under the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative. The station, once completed, will further ease power supply pressure in N 'Djamena and its surrounding areas, and greatly improve local living and business environment. Lishen mature lithium iron phosphate 280Ah square cell is used in the system in which cell, battery module, battery cluster, container integration is independently designed for low cost, high safety, high efficiency and long life. "Air-cooled Energy Storage Module" international patent, system-level parallel duct technology, highly integrated design uplifting energy by 40% and air-cooling solution innovatively incorporated in the cell all together achieve domestically maximum 3.44MWh capacity, comparable to 20' liquid-cooled container. System-level temperature difference ≤5℃ liquid-cooled performance is also made possible for the cell; "fire alarm host + heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing + combustible gas detection" is adopted in the fire system. Battery module and battery cluster have been GB36276, UL9540A and UL1973 certified.

Lishen Battery has been module level UN38.3, container level UN3536 and CCS certified for the safety of product transportation in long distance, at large scale and under different climatic conditions as well as different geo-environments and for good performance when delivered to the Owner. This enables prefabrication in workshop, overall transportation of the container system to the site and reduces assembling at site.

△Overseas PV Farm

Lishen Battery has been intensively engaged in lithium battery R&D and manufacture for 27 years. It always upholds the core concept of green development and sci-tech innovation. It follows the route of self-reliance and self-improvement of high-level science and technology. It actively expands overseas energy storage markets, helps build a green Silk Road, develops new quality productivity, promote industrial innovation with sci-tech innovation, constantly shapes the new momentum and new advantages, builds a more internationally influential "Made in China" brand, a new chapter in high-quality development.