Lishen (Qingdao) Delegation Visited CSSC 712 Research Institute and 701 Research Institute



On March 8, a delegation headed by Ye Mao, chief engineer of Lishen (Qingdao), visited CSSC 712 Research Institute and 701 Research Institute.

During visit in CSSC 712, the two sides listened to the report on growth of various business sectors and the development of intelligent electric vessel, fully recognized the projects in cooperation. They advised on follow-up needs and agreed that the technological advantages of CSC712 in vessel power system and the advantages of Lishen Battery in battery industry should be fully played and the cooperation in projects should be intensified. In next step of cooperation, the visit by high level management should be enhanced. Both sides also exchanged views on preliminary investment in and energy saving of intelligent electric vessel, the critical point of long-distance transportation mileage benefit, battery life and operation mode, intelligent electric vessel, shipping efficiency, safety and standardization.

During visit in CSSC 701, the two sides recognized and congratulated each other on their outstanding performance and achievements in their respective business. They had in-depth exchanges on the prospect of electrification and intelligence of vessel, and expressed expectation for direction of future cooperation.

He Wengang from Lishen Battery’s general affairs office, Ma meng, general manager of Lishen Superelectric, Ping Zhijia, general manager of Hongan Lishen, joined the visit.