Lishen Battery delegation inspected Hongan Lishen



A delegation led by Huang Hui, assistant general manager of Lishen Battery, inspected Hongan Lishen on 01 March and Ping Zhijia, general manager of Hongan Lishen, accompanied the delegation in inspection.

During the inspection, Huang Hui visited production workshop, listened to the report of Hongan Lishen on 2023 key projects completion, workshop layout optimization and production capacity improvement. In the inspection, he appreciated the accomplishment made by Hongan Lishen.

“Hongan Lishen completed 2023 goal, and in 2024, Hongan Lishen should go further step and try every means to reduce expenditure,” said Huang Hui.

He further said, “Hongan Lishen should continue to expand the market, optimize production structure, be capable in contracting different projects; Hongan Lishen should also reduce costs, be lean, control cost and increase profitability.”

Heads of relevant offices of Lishen (Qingdao), assistants to the general manager of Hongan Lishen and chief marketing supervisor participated in the inspection.