Lishen Battery held 2024 Annual Meeting and Fourth Session First Meeting Themed “Overcoming Difficulties, Innovation, Core Competitiveness”



The 2024 annual meeting and Fourth Session First Workers’ Meeting was held from 5 to 6 February 2024. Guided by Xi Jinping New Era socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics, the meetings were held to fully implement the spirit of the Party’s 20th Congress and 20th Session Second Interim Meeting, the spirit of the Central Government Economic Works Meeting. The meetings followed the requirement of meetings of heads of central government regulated companies and the requirement of China Chengtong 2024 annual meeting. In the meetings, Lishen Battery 2023 work was systematically summarized, the trend analyzed, development target identified, key work in 2024 deployed, the courage of all to overcome difficulties and innovate stimulated for improving corporate core competitiveness and build world first class leading firm in the industry.

Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, made a report on the topic "Be skilled in reform, develop in stability and advancing”. Other members of the top management report their works respectively. Tong Laiming, member of the Party committee and vice president of China Chengtong, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of Lishen Battery, attended the meeting and delivered speech. Sun Qianfei, deputy director of industry cultivation department of China Chengtong, attended the meetings.

In his speech, Tong Liming fully recognized accomplishment made by Lishen Battery in the past year. He pointed out that 2023 was the beginning of implementing the spirit of the Party’s 20th national congress and, under the complicated external environment, the company should follow the socialism thought with Xi Jinping New Era Chinese characteristics and intensively study General Secretary Xi’s “2·26” instructions, put the central government and the State Council’s policies in place. Following SASAC’s requirements and keeping in mind the mission and responsibility, all should strive to forge ahead. Relying on the empowerment of the Group's state-owned capital operation function, proceed with reform and innovation, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve a series of progress in special work and key work.

Tong Laiming stressed that Lishen Battery, an important principal being developed in China Chengtong’s strategic emerging industries, should follow the main line of scientific and technological innovation, serve the national strategy, plan industrial development with a high vision, truly play leading and demonstration role of "a central government enterprise flagship". Long-term development should be upheld and the trends and business opportunities of strategic emerging industries held in hands.Scientific and technological innovation should lead high quality development of Lishen Battery for new substantial productivity.

In his report, Zhang Qiang said “since 2023, Lishen Battery has intensively studied and implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the building of world-class enterprises, been successfully listed "creating world-class professional leading demonstration enterprise".Lishen Battery is guided by high objective, focuses on lithium battery industry development. It made achievement in business development, scientific technological innovation, industry leading, deepening reform, lean management and party building. The accomplishment deserves recognition though challenges should be well confronted.”

He stressed that in 2024, the company should focus on market development, innovation, basic management, strategic orientation, risk control and the Party building. All works should be centered around 2024 plan to overcome difficulties, forge ahead, constantly strengthen the company. Value creation is piloted to improve efficiency, enhance core function,comprehensively deepen reform and innovation, make every effort to adjust distribution structure, constantly improve system and mechanism, uplift operational capacity and strive to build a flagship among central government regulated companies.

In the context of 2024 work objective and severe challenge at home and abroad, we should learn 2023 experience and lessons and be confident for future development. Centered around 2024 plans, we should think much, plan ahead, propose more reasonable solution, accumulate forces for breakthrough and push Lishen Battery into a completely new development stage.

Heads of top management and the general manager reported on their respective works in the meetings. The work of the board, directors and heads of top management was also evaluated in the meeting.

In the company's fourth session first congress, the representatives of workers and staff reviewed and passed "Lishen Battery 2023 Work Report Resolution" and Lishen Battery 2023 pioneering collective and individuals were honored.

Lishen Battery 2023 Lishen Star

Lishen Battery 2023 Pioneering Collective

The meeting was convened in the form of "on-site + video” conference. Heads of general assistant level, heads of HQ offices, main heads of affiliates, representatives of employees attended meeting physically. Other members of head office, members of management of affiliates and heads of relevant offices attended the meeting virtually.