Lishen Battery Held Full-Level Marketing Training



Lishen Battery organized a “Huawei Iron Triangle Role Awareness and Coordinated Operation” training for all members of full-level marketing team for two days, 27-28 January 2024. The training intended to enhance marketing talent team, solidify market and build characteristic brand. Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, attended the training kickoff meeting and addressed all trainees.

Zhang Qiang said “ Huawei’s Iron Triangle Work Method is advanced theory and method that we all should learn. Marketing team should study it seriously and apply what was learned into practice.” He further said “Firstly, marketing team, being Lishen Battery’s "vanguard" in very market front, should be question oriented and attend the training bearing in mind questions and advantage of Lishen Battery products and marketing nature; Secondly, we all should have advanced marketing concepts, constantly improving all-staff marketing awareness and capacity, make work process clear and promote corporate reform and create strong marketing situation; Thirdly, the marketing team, bearing in mind “Excellent” quality, should turn “method theory” into “navigator”, be prepared to improve marketing level and better serve customers.

The training was said to be centered around definition of iron triangle, organization building, organization and process relationship as well as operating mechanism. It covers a wide range of knowledge. Sales tools and skills required in sales work, practical methodologies, process and tools were shared in the training. The training is comprehensive and intensive replica of various business scenarios.

Heads of Lishen Battery, representatives of operation, finance, information management, quality, R&D technology center, testing center, HR, administration, Qingdao base and Chuzhou base attended the training.