Wang Zidong, the deputy secretary of CAEV and external director of Lishen Battery Inspected Lishen Chuzhou



Recently, Wang Zidong, China Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for Electric Vehicle (CAEV) and external director of Lishen Battery inspected Lishen Chuzhou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lishen Chuzhou") and attended an exchange meeting. Heads of Lishen Chuzhou management and heads of offices attended the meeting.

At the exchange meeting, Wang Zidong listened to the report of Lishen Chuzhou on the construction of Chuzhou Base Phase I project. In the meeting, the difficulties in equipment operation, process execution and the use of infrastructure were analyzed.

Wang Zidong said that the construction of Lishen Chuzhou project is an important move in expansion of production capacity and high quality sustainable development of Lishen Battery. Lishen Chuzhou should proceed with the works with due diligence, resilience and perseverance, undertake the mission of the era, identify and respond to change of the time, hold firmly strategic opportunities, mitigate risks and open up new trend of new energy development and reform.

Wang Zidong inspected Chuzhou Lishen 2# cell works and PACK works. He examined electrode workshop, assembling workshop and chemical formation workshop, and exchanged views on all aspects of detail.

In the meeting, Wang Zidong stressed the following: First is to follow high standard. Be good at summarizing and review. Accurately identify problems, learn lessons from one another, put responsibilities in place. The second is to conduct dynamic management, accelerate circulation of elements, improve employees’ enthusiasm, uplift employees’ ability and optimize staff structure. The third is to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Innovation should be made in optimizing production process, improving utilization of equipment and reducing procurement cost of raw materials, exploring new mechanism of reducing cost and increasing efficiency. The fourth is to be talent oriented. Talent promotion and cultivation mechanism should be highlighted. Standardized cadre selection criteria should be developed, talent raising mechanism improved, staff growth and capacity uplifting promoted while stressing talent care and stimulating internal vitality and innovation. The fifth is to build smart manufacture. A digital management model should be built to effectively connect SAP, MES, FMCS, WCM and other information work, to quantify, digitize and develop clear goals and indicators and record work data in detail. The sixth is to establish an emergency mechanism. AB job system is advocated to increase work continuity, improve work efficiency, train multi-specialty personnel and handle emergency.

Heads of Lishen Chuzhou and heads of offices accompanied the inspection.