Tong Laiming met a delegation of SENIOR



On the afternoon 01 January, Tong Laiming, the secretary of the Party Committee and managing director of Lishen Battery, met Chen Xiufeng, managing director of SENIOR, Xu Songqing, deputy managing director and CEO of  NUODE, Wang Zhigang, the secretary of the Party Committee and managing director of Farasis Energy, Fan Guodong, the CEO of Feilu, Xu Changzhong, founder of Listed Companies Entrepreneurs Exchange Center; Zhang Qiang, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Lishen Battery, Yang Chenglin and Mao Dawei, assistants to the general manager attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Tong Laiming expressed his warm welcome to the delegation led by Chen Xiufeng. He introduced the development history, market prospect, technical innovation and industrial distribution of Lishen Battery. He hoped to increase exchanges and communication with excellent enterprises in business and technology, work together to expand market and business, establish long-term stable cooperative relation, explore more cooperation opportunities and jointly promote business opportunities for win-win.

Zhang Qiang said that all companies present were leaders in respective industries with great development potential. Lishen Battery was in the period of accelerated transformation of reform and development and also the key period of transformation of industrial upgrading. He hoped to deepen contact with these enterprises, develop consensus, identify good cooperation points, deeply plan and cultivate projects and constantly open up cooperation room, contributing to the development of new energy industry.

Chen Xiufeng highly recognized the rapid development of Lishen Battery and the accomplishments achieved. He said that SENIOR had been engaged in membrane 20 years. It has world's advanced fifth generation of super wet normal body and thus is leading in equipment manufacture process formulation and new product development. He expressed his hope to foster business cooperation and technical exchanges with Lishen Battery in the future for win-win.

Thereafter, representatives of SENIOR, NUODE, Farasis Energy and Feilu shared respective industry information and experiences and explored the opportunities for further cooperation. Representative of NUODE introduced advantages in copper foil technology and current output distribution and hoped to establish deep cooperation in energy storage and share resources. Feilu is specialized in R&D and production of battery fire protection materials. Hydqfund introduced its concerned  mixed reform of central government governed enterprises and expected broader cooperation with Lishen Battery.

The meeting not only deepened the understanding and cooperation between Lishen Battery and SENIOR, NUODE, Feilu, Hydqfund and provided useful reference and inspiration for new energy industry.

Xia Jun, the sale deputy of SENIOR, Cai Kunpeng, the chief sale officer of SENIOR, Chen Yifu, special assistant to managing director of SENIOR, Wang Handuo, the secretary to managing director of NUODE, Hu Qiangyong, deputy sale chief of general management center of Farasis Technology; Hu Lifeng, chief secretary of Listed Companies Entrepreneurs Exchange Center, heads of Lishen Battery Supply Chain attended the meeting.