Zhang Qiang Inspected Lishen (Suzhou) Phase II Site



On 04 January, Zhang Qiang, the deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of Lishen Battery inspected Lishen (Suzhou) Phase II project site. He was accompanied by Wei Dawei, assistant to president of Lishen Battery, Xue Lei, the general commander, and Sun Xiaolei, deputy commander, of Lishen (Suzhou) Phase II Project.

Zhang Qiang inspected the project site and received report on progress of foundation construction, steel structure installation and planning of Phase III and Phase IV plots. He also inquired construction scheduling of the Contractor and the Engineer before Spring Festival, the combination of permanent road and temporary road, interim project costs and concrete piling quality. He pointed out specific requirements for the progress of the Works. He made following points: The first is to observe safety red line, build solid safety bottom line, strictly abide by safety norms, always keep high alert, foster responsibility accountability, well manage site safety and strictly put production safety in place; the second is to control quality, maintain progress and complete the project by end of 2024; the third is to well communicate among sister companies and align itself to the model firms in the sector, apply effective experience and measures into Suzhou project to uplift management and efficiency; the fourth is to require the Engineer to perform its duties, fortify safety, quality and progress management.

Heads of Phase II Project teams, the Contractor and the Engineer participated in the inspection.