Lishen Battery Assists World Bank to “Lighten Africa”



The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road Initiative” advocated by Xi Jinping, the General Secretary. "A just cause should be pursued for common good." Lishen Battery actively practices "Belt and Road" initiative with high quality and is committed to enabling "Belt and Road" countries to deserve high quality products and services.

“Black start” of 25MW PV power project in Central Republican Republic is successful at first attempt.

The 25MV PV power project in Central African Republic was put into official operation with the successful “black start” on first attempt. The core energy storage products of the Project was supplied by Lishen Battery. Faustin Archange Touadéra, President of the republic, and Ousmane Diagana, Vice President of the World Bank, attended completion ceremony and delivered speech. The Prime Minister, the Speaker and other officials of the Republic, and Zhu Zhenghong, Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial office the Chinese Embassy in Central African Republic, jointly attended the taking over ceremony.

The "black start" of the power grid is the process of finally restoring power supply in part or in all of a power system by starting up generators without automatic start performance and starting generators without automatic start function, gradually resuming the system without relying on other network when the system is in total “black” as result of system failure.

The Project is located on a river bank in Central African Republic which falls in tropical climate zone where rainfall is abundant, ambient temperature and humidity is high. Energy storage system is required to withstand high temperature, storm dust, condensate and salt mist and corrosion. In cooperation with NR Electric Co., Ltd., Lishen Battery provided energy distribution and storage system at PV power generation side. Lishen Battery stressed on multi-specialty resources integration, cooperated closely with partners in “black start” simulation, testing and implementation and secured the smooth completion.

TChina Green Power “Lights up” Central African Republic

The Project is financed by the World Bank and contracted by Shanxi Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. It is the first PV power project in the country. Annual mean power production is expected to be 38,350 MWh. Power supply in the republic is very rare and power supply is under severe pressure. The operation of the Project will significantly improve power supply capacity to Bangui, the republic capital. It will effectively mitigate power shortage and supply green sustainable power to local communities. It benefits livelihood, promotes local development, share of resources, reduces carbon emission in its true sense. It is worthy to mention that the core equipment used in the Project is made in China.

The Project is another innovative application combining battery energy storage technology and PV power. Lishen Battery, a world leading power automation and energy storage system solution provider, has been courageous in R&D and application of new power technology. Lishen Battery will continue technological innovation and leadership, maintain its original heart, forge ahead and upgrade international power security.