145Wh/kg!Lishen Battery New Generation of Sodium Ion Battery



Sodium-ion battery gains attention in recent years thanks to its rich resources, high safety, wide temperature range and low cost. This is the outcome of continuous development and innovation of various new energy battery technologies.

Lishen Battery, a “National Team” in new energy industry, keeping the responsibilities of central government administered enterprise in mind, intensively implements the important deployment of SASAC on strategic emerging industries and future industrial development, closely adheres to 2023 goals and tasks of Lishen Battery, actively promotes "compete and lead" scientific and technological research incentives, strengthens technological R&D and refines industrial distribution. These will push development process of sodium-ion battery and enhance marketing and market application.

Lishen Battery, adopting new sodium-ion battery materials and improving battery technology, developed 46120 series cylindrical sodium-ion battery which energy density is up to 145Wh/kg and which power can be charged 80% within 15 minutes. Discharge capacity retention rate is over 80% under 10C large rate and over 75% under low temperature as low as -30℃. The battery has passed GB38031-2020 safety performance test. The performance is in first echelon of the industry. A number of technical patents are involved in sodium-ion battery design, materials, structure, development process and other aspects, the technical basis for battery commercialization on fast track.

Large cylindrical sodium-ion battery, thanks to its high energy density, high safety, excellent fast charge performance, low cost and other technical advantages, is expected to be applied in electrochemical energy storage, A00 class new energy vehicle with driving range of 250-450 kilometers, two-wheeled vehicle, loaders and other scenarios. Safety, low cost and low temperature performance greatly alleviate the anxiety of raw materials shortage and endurance of lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery.

Lishen Battery will continue the development of higher energy density, longer service life and lower cost sodium-ion battery, deepen the research and actively promote the large-scale application of sodium-ion battery.