National Key R&D Program Project Undertaken by Lishen Battery Passed Inspection.



“Decommissioned Power Battery Heterogeneous Compatible Utilization and Intelligent Disassembly Technology”, an important project in national key R&D Program “Solid Waste Recycling”, undertaken by Lishen Battery, the lead partner, successfully passed comprehensive performance assessment recently. The assessment was organized by China 21st Century Agenda Management Center. Eight other companies participated in the research. They include Tsinghua University, China Automobile Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. Gotion Hi-Tech, Tianjin Saidemei New Energy Co., Ltd.

Power battery is no longer recommended when its capacity is attenuated to 80% of initial capacity and should be replaced by new battery according to vehicle power battery cycle service life testing criteria. However, decommissioning does not necessarily mean wreckage. High echelon utilization and recycling value remains. Specific to the needs for high safety, high efficiency and scale needs of echelon utilization of decommissioned battery and the needs for intelligence, safety and precision of dismantling and recycling, key technical breakthrough is made in four years research to bottlenecks. They include quick classification, heterogeneous compatible echelon utilization, multi-dimensional identification and intelligent transfer, intelligent dismantling and intelligent material collection. Four types of core equipment were successfully developed: rapid classification equipment, heterogeneous compatible grid-connection equipment, multi-dimensional identification and intelligent transfer equipment, intelligent dismantling production line complete equipment. Three major demonstration projects were established: power battery MW level heterogeneous compatible energy storage system demonstration project, kW level distributed energy storage system demonstration project and intelligent dismantling demonstration project with annual dismantling capacity of more than 10,000 tons. Meantime, comprehensive evaluation system and commercial operation mode of whole life cycle value chain of power battery are created.

The project effectively improves the efficiency, reliability and safety of battery echelon utilization , upgrades the intelligent and precise level of dismantling and recycling. It also reduces the safety risk of decommissioned power battery in recycling and utilization while the pollution of waste gas, waste liquid and waste residue generated in dismantling is decreased. It continuously help improve China's new energy industry chain. It plays important demonstration role in promoting technological progress in echelon utilization of decommissioned battery, intelligent dismantling and recycling and coordinated development of the whole industrial chain.

Lishen Battery always upholds the core concept of green development and technological innovation driving. It adopts scientific independence path, actively expand energy storage market and serves national “new energy + energy storage” and “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” strategies.